Reality Show Singers

Most sought after Indian singers who emerged from reality shows

Singing reality show contestants who made it big in the music industry
Indian Comedians on TV

Indian comedy geniuses who made it big on TV

Top Indian Comedians who revolutionized the entertainment space in the television industry
Venues in Delhi NCR

Top 10 indoor venues in Delhi-NCR for 500+ audience capacity

Banquet Halls for parties and corporate events with 500+ audience capacity
Female DJs in India

10 popular Indian Female DJs swaying the world to their beats

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Regional Comedians in India

Trending Regional stand-up comedians taking the comedy world by storm

Top Regional language comedians breaking the language barriers in the Indian comedy scene
Top Djs in India

Top 15 DJs ruling the live event scene in India

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Sufi Singers and Bands

Most sought after Sufi singers and bands for live events

Biggest Indian and Pakistani Sufi stars keeping the heritage of the Sufi music alive.
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