Indian Party Themes

20+ Top Party Themes to make your celebrations extraordinary!

From Barbie to Bond, vintage vibes to beyond: Explore the Best Party Themes to amp up your events
How to Book Artists for Events

Booking Artists in India? Here’s your playbook to finding showstoppers for events!

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Top 30 live bands and singers booked for events in India

Top 30 live bands and singers booked for events in India

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Pecking Order of Indian Stand-up comedians on Social Media - Banner

Pecking Order of Indian Stand-up comedians on Social Media

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Budget for hiring comedian in India for corporate event

How much does it cost to hire a comedian?

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Top 50 Motivational Speakers booked in India for events

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6 essentials to follow while hiring a Motivational / Keynote Speaker for an event

We have grown up hearing about heroes. Let’s start first with our parents, they are like superheroes in our mind…
Controversial Comedians in India and around the world

From Jokes to Jabs: Navigating the world of Controversial Comedians

The candid stories of the controversial comedians from India and around the world
Singers and Bands for College Events and Festivals

College Crowd-pleasers: The ultimate lineup of Singers and Bands for college events

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Top 10 team-building Activities for corporate Leaders

Top 10 Engaging Team-Building Activities for Corporate Leadership Excellence

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Anuv Jain Facts, Life and Music

Indie sensation Anuv Jain: The Man, The Music, The Facts

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Indian Artists Grammy Winners

Grammy Glory: Indian artists who made waves at the Grammys

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Women's Day Personal Growth Sessions

Celebrating Women’s Day with Phenomenal Personal Growth Sessions

Women's Day marked with empowering Personal Growth Sessions to inspire and innovate the wonderful women at workplace
Women's Day Entertainers

Women Entertainers lighting up Women’s Day Celebrations

Incredible Women's Day Entertainers stealing the show and redefining the stage experience on International Women's Day
Women's Day Activities for Workplace

Engaging Women’s Day Activities for the Dynamic Workplace

Innovative and empowering Women's Day Activities for the Women who are inspiring inclusion and shaping the future
Women's Day Speakers for International Women's Day

Women’s Day Speakers Inspiring Inclusion and Excellence

Women's Day Speakers from across fields sharing their stories, inspiring inclusion and illuminating paths to success
Comedy Clubs and Venues in India

Where Laughter Reigns: India’s Must-Visit Comedy Clubs and Venues

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