Musical Magic on a Budget: India’s Top Bands and Singers Under 5 Lakhs

Top Indian Bands Under 5 Lakhs

Top 10 Bands and Singers you can book for less than 5 Lakhs in India

India’s independent music scene has witnessed an exhilarating surge, with numerous bands and singers pushing the boundaries and breaking into the mainstream without the backing of big labels. The beauty of these bands lies not only in their music but also in their relentless passion and commitment to their craft. This blog aims to spotlight the unsung heroes of the Indian music landscape, those whose melodies echo in the hearts of fans but might not have garnered widespread recognition.

Whether you’re a seasoned music enthusiast or a casual listener, prepare to be enchanted by these bands and singers that make up the fabric of India’s independent music scene. Join us as we unravel the stories, influences, and sounds of the Top Indian Bands and Singers under 5 lakhs – an ode to the spirit of musical independence pulsating through the heart of the subcontinent.

*Disclaimer- The presented rates serve as rough estimates and have not undergone negotiations with the artists or their management. They are offered as a guide to assist readers in the initial planning stages of their upcoming events. It is essential to note that these figures are not conclusive and should not be regarded as final rates, as they may be subject to further discussions and adjustments.

1. Infusion Band

Infusion Band and Singers
Source: @Infusion_band / Instagram

Infusion, a Carnatic fusion band hailing from the vibrant city of Hyderabad, has firmly established itself as one of India’s top musical gems. Comprising seasoned musicians with decades of industry experience and international acclaim, this exceptional ensemble brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the music scene. What sets Infusion apart is their distinctive fusion of Indian classical virtuosity with contemporary pop and rock classics. The band seamlessly blends the intricate melodies of Carnatic music with the energy and rhythm of popular genres, creating a musical experience that resonates with diverse audiences.

Despite their stellar reputation and impressive credentials, what makes them even more noteworthy is their affordability. Priced at an incredibly reasonable 3 lakhs, Infusion offers event organizers and music enthusiasts a chance to witness world-class talent without breaking the bank.

2. Euphony Band

Euphony Bands and Singers

Euphony, the Mumbai-based urban contemporary experimental rock band, has carved a niche for itself in India’s vibrant music scene. Formed in 2015 by the talented Sanish Nair, Euphony has risen to prominence with their unique sound and memorable performances. Euphony showcased their musical prowess on India’s Got Talent – Season 9, earning well-deserved recognition. As 1st Runners-up on the musical reality show Dil Hai Hindustani on Star Plus, they proved their mettle on a larger stage. Adding to their list of accomplishments. Euphony made their Bollywood debut in the movie “Helicopter Eela” with the original song ‘Teri Zindagi,’.

This dynamic band, priced at an affordable 4 lakhs, has not only captured the hearts of music enthusiasts but has also made waves on national television. With a price tag that won’t break the bank. Euphony emerges as a top choice for events looking to infuse a dose of urban contemporary experimental rock into their musical lineup.

3. Raagas 2 Riches

Raagas 2 Riches Bands and Singers
Source: Black Hat Talent Solutions

Raagas 2 Riches, a dynamic six-piece band, has earned its place among India’s top musical acts. Offering a captivating stage act that seamlessly blends energetic international and Bollywood covers with a delightful touch of Goan music. What sets Raagas 2 Riches apart is their ability to effortlessly switch from genre to genre. Creating a musical journey that caters to a wide range of tastes. From the timeless classic rock of “Hotel California” to the emotive ballad “Don’t Speak” and the disco-tinged vibes of “Uptown Funk,” the band’s versatility ensures a dynamic and engaging performance for any audience.

With a modest price tag of 2 lakhs, Raagas 2 Riches offers event organizers an opportunity to feature a high-energy. Genre-defying act without exceeding budget constraints. For those in search of a band that effortlessly bridges musical genres and cultural influences. Raagas 2 Riches stands out as a top pick under 5 lakhs. Promising an electrifying and diverse performance for any occasion.

4. Jimmy Felix

Jimmy Felix Bands and Singers
Source: YouTube

Jimmy Felix, a multifaceted artist renowned as a singer, songwriter, and live performer, has solidified his place among India’s top musical talents. Best known for his debut hit song ‘Chandu Ke Chacha,’ Jimmy brings a unique blend of charisma and musical prowess to the stage. Beyond his captivating performances, Jimmy Felix distinguishes himself as a consummate professional. His commitment to excellence extends beyond the stage, as he collaborates closely with clients to ensure a seamless event experience.

Priced at a reasonable 4 lakhs, he offers an affordable yet exceptional option for event organizers. With his infectious energy and a repertoire that spans various musical genres. Jimmy Felix is a versatile choice for events seeking a dynamic and engaging performer.

5. Jugni Band

Jugni Band
Source: Tamboora

Jugni Band, a Delhi-based Sufi rock sensation, has cemented its position among India’s top musical acts. Delivering a soul-stirring experience that transcends genres. Known for seamlessly blending traditional Sufi influences with the vibrant energy of rock. Jugni Band creates an immersive musical journey that captivates audiences. Their ability to infuse heartfelt emotion into their own compositions sets them apart in a crowded music landscape. As a result, they have garnered immense love and admiration from fans who appreciate the depth and authenticity of their soulful music.

Priced at an accessible 3 lakhs, this band stands out for their enchanting performances and original compositions, making them a cherished choice for diverse events.

6. Motherjane


Established in 1996, Motherjane stands tall as a pioneering Indian rock band hailing from Kochi. The band’s journey has been marked by a series of groundbreaking performances and critically acclaimed albums that have garnered them a dedicated fan base. Motherjane’s ability to seamlessly weave intricate melodies with powerful rock elements has set them apart as trailblazers in the industry.

With a modest booking fee of 2.5 lakhs, Motherjane offers event organizers an incredible opportunity to feature a top-tier band that brings together the best of both worlds – the progressive and the traditional. For those seeking a transformative musical experience that transcends genres. Motherjane stands as a testament to the enduring power of innovation in Indian rock music.

7. Nandy Sisters

Nandy Sisters

The Nandy Sisters, a musical duo consisting of Antara Nandy and Ankita Nandy, have emerged as a captivating force in the Indian music scene. Born in Assam and raised in Kolkata, the sisters rose to prominence in 2016 with their enchanting rendition of “Duma Dum Mast Kalandar,” performed uniquely using only cups as instruments. Beyond their soulful voices, the duo is the vibrant face of a larger band, featuring other accomplished musicians. Their performances are nothing short of magical, leaving audiences spellbound with a captivating musical experience.

Priced at 4.5 lakhs, their performances promise to elevate any event with a mesmerizing synthesis of classical and contemporary musical elements.

8. A26


A26, spearheaded by the exceptionally talented Lester Rodrigues, takes center stage as a prominent player in India’s live music arena. Having graced stages in every major city across the globe, from London and Denmark to Africa, Dubai, Poland, Abu Dhabi, and Muscat, A26 has left an indelible mark on diverse audiences worldwide. Their global presence reflects the band’s universal appeal and ability to connect with music lovers from different cultures.

With their extensive international experience and a comprehensive repertoire spanning multiple genres. A26 ensures a dynamic and unforgettable performance, making them a top pick for events booked under 5 lakhs.

9. Swarrveda


Formed in 2010, Swarrveda stands as a testament to the vibrant fusion of talent and creativity in India’s music landscape. This alternative fusion rock band has earned its place among the top musical acts in the country. Delivering dynamic and soul-stirring performances. Swarrveda’s unique blend of alternative and fusion rock sets them apart. Creating a sonic experience that resonates with a diverse audience. Their music is a captivating journey that fuses various elements, leaving an indelible impression on listeners.

With a modest booking fee under 5 lakhs, Swarrveda offers event organizers an opportunity to feature an exceptional live band without breaking the bank. For those seeking an alternative fusion rock band that brings both energy and innovation to the stage, Swarrveda is an excellent choice.

10. Bolly Jammers

Bolly Jammers

Bolly Jammers, positioned at the zenith of the DJ industry, are hailed as ‘revolutionary’ for their distinctive musical style that has set them apart as a dynamic force in the music scene. With a remarkable 700+ live shows across Asia and collaborations with over 300 event management companies. Bolly Jammers have become synonymous with excellence in live entertainment. In 2022 alone, Bolly Jammers received the Best Live Entertainers for Weddings (Gold) at Wedding Sutra Influencers Awards. The Best Band for Weddings at Wow Awards Asia, and the Most Popular Live Band at Best in Town Awards. Furthermore, they were recognized as the Most Successful Artist of the Year (2020) at Zonal Spotlight Awards 2020 by EEMA, solidifying their status as trailblazers in the world of live entertainment.

Priced under 5 lakhs, they offer an exceptional and affordable option for event organizers seeking top-tier musical experiences. Bolly Jammers’ ability to connect with diverse audiences transcends boundaries, making them a sought-after choice for a range of events.

11. Kamli Saga

Kamli Saga Bands and Singers

At the forefront of Mumbai’s music scene, Kamli Saga emerges as the unrivaled DJ-based band, led by the multi-talented actress and Times Audio Singer, Tripta Parashar, affectionately known as ‘KAMLI.’ This 6-piece powerhouse is a dynamic force in the industry. Delivering an electrifying blend of exclusive remix tracks, live singing, dancing, and captivating live percussions. What sets Kamli Saga apart is its extensive repertoire, boasting over 1,000 ready tracks that cater to diverse tastes. This versatile band not only delivers top-notch remixes but also incorporates bonus acts. Including the art of beatboxing, ensuring an unforgettable and unique performance.

Booked under 5 lakhs, Kamli Saga offers event organizers an unparalleled musical experience that transcends conventional boundaries. With their captivating performances and a diverse range of acts. They promise to elevate any event to new heights of entertainment and excitement.

This blog is incomplete without these exceptional artists of pocket-friendly bands and singers who bring their magic to the stage, all booked at prices below 5 lakhs in India-

Vineet Singh

Vineet Singh

Vineet Singh, a prominent Indian playback singer, has made an indelible mark on the Bollywood film industry with his versatile and soulful voice. Rising to fame through the singing reality show Indian Idol in 2012. Vineet Singh has become a sought-after talent, often booked at around 4.5 lakhs for his enchanting performances.

Some of Vineet Singh’s superhit tracks include “Manjha” from the film “Kai Po Che!” (2013), “Maula” from “Jism 2” (2012), and “Bhula Dena” from the blockbuster “Aashiqui 2” (2013). These chart-topping songs not only showcase Vineet’s vocal prowess but also underscore his contribution to the success of these iconic Bollywood soundtracks.

Ankush Bhardwaj

Ankush Bhradwaj
Source: Pinterest

Ankush Bhardwaj, the soulful voice from the serene landscapes of Shimla district’s Kotgarh. Has carved his place in the Indian music scene. Priced at an affordable 3.5 lakhs, Ankush emerged as the first runner-up in the tenth season of Indian Idol, catapulting him into the limelight. His journey from a small village to the Indian Idol stage reflects the power of talent breaking barriers. Ankush’s heartfelt renditions and melodic prowess have earned him a coveted spot among India’s top singers. Making him a sought-after performer for events.

Rohit Raut

Rohit Raut Bands and Singers
Source: The Times of India

Rohit Raut, a prominent Indian singer and music director. Has left an indelible mark on the Marathi film industry with his enchanting voice and musical prowess. Priced at an accessible 3.5 lakhs, Rohit is a sought-after artist for events. Bringing the richness of Marathi music to audiences. His journey to fame reached new heights when he participated in the eleventh season of Indian Idol. Where he showcased his exceptional singing talent. As the runner-up of the renowned reality show. Rohit Raut gained widespread acclaim for his soulful renditions and versatile vocal range.

Kapil Thapa

Kapil Thapa Bands and Singers

Kapil Thapa, a sensational playback singer and highly sought-after performer. Catapulted into the limelight after making his mark on the reality singing show, Indian Idol. His journey to fame was marked by his distinctive voice, impressive vocal range, and magnetic stage presence showcased on the Indian Idol platform. Remarkably priced at just 1.5 lakhs, Kapil has become a treasure in the realm of affordable yet exceptional musical talents.

As you embark on your own musical adventures, remember that greatness is not confined to grand stages or expensive productions. The grassroots spirit of these bands and singers serves as a reminder that music, at its core, is a universal language that connects hearts and transcends boundaries. Whether you’re a fervent supporter of indie music or a casual listener looking for something new. Let the stories and sounds of these bands and singers inspire you. The journey doesn’t end here; it merely evolves. Keep exploring, keep supporting, and keep the spirit of independent music alive.

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