Best practices to develop your Employee Engagement Calendar!

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Make it contemporary, loveable and inclusive

As the new financial year has started, many organisations starts planning or finalizing their annual employee engagement calendar.  While engagement calendar is very specific to any organisation, but following are suggestive themes which can be used to develop a very holistic & inclusive engagement calendar.  These themes should form core of your engagement calendar and make it easy for you to cover key touch points like celebrating individuality , team bonding , emotional connect , family bonding and sustainability. Here’s deep dive into themes and activities which can be covered under them :

Office Fun

Office Fun engagement activities - engage4more

The core of any engagement calendar is to add a bit of fun and energy at the workplace. Super cool engagement ideas offered on makes it easy for you to make your workplace buzzing with a lot of excitement. You can look at rolling out activities like Fantastic Friday, In-office fiesta, gen y concepts like Office roadies, Key Punch or music based activities like Drum Jam to add fun on the floors in your office. 

Festive Celebrations

Festive Celebrations engagement activities - engage4more

Any engagement calendar is incomplete without having major festive celebrations at your office premise. Inclusion of these celebrations make you not only cover an agenda like diversity & inclusion but also let you establish an emotional connect with families of your employees. Diwali, Christmas, Holi, Eid, Navratri are some of the common festival celebrations which can be part of the engagement calendar. You can find some unique ideas under the festive celebrations category on to make your plans for festive celebrations with your employees.


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“We never lose. We either win or learn“. That’s the spirit with which organisations need to have competitive format engagement activities as part of their engagement calendar. It makes employees celebrate individual or team achievements and parallely learn a lot from their fellow colleagues. Activities like Brainbout, Corporate Talent Championships, Corporate Super Chef, Office Olympics are some of must have competitive format activities which must be part of your engagement calendar.

Family Engagement

Family Engagement activities - engage4more

Connecting with families of employees and making them feel as an extended part of the organization is the perfect recipe to retain and keep employees engaged. You can touch family members through activities like Kids@workplace, parents@workplace, summer camps, celebrations around Children’s day or a grand family day celebration which can be part of your employee engagement calendar.

Special Days/Occasions

Special Days Occasions engagement activities - engage4more

Throughout the year we come across some special days or occasions on which we get connected or engaged with things happening around our social ecosystem. You simply need to leverage on such days and integrate them with your engagement calendar. Some of the prominent occasions are Women’s Day Celebrations, Patriotic Days like Independence/Republic Day, occasions like IPL/Cricket world cup, Environment Day, Yoga Day, Pride Month etc. You can find a wide range of activities for these days on which makes it easy for you to engage employees around 5-6 times in the year without too much effort.

Indoor Sports

Indoor Sports engagement activities - engage4more

Sports would be one of the most popular engagement theme in any organization. While outdoor sports like Cricket/Football tournaments etc are very popular but have their limitations in terms of number of people who can be engaged. This could be address through indoor sports activities which make it easy and feasible for anyone to participate. Competitions like Chess, TT, Carrom, Dart, Foosball etc can be organized at workplace and would see massive participation every time. 


CSR Sustainability activities engage4more

Every business has a responsibility to contribute to the communities in which they operate. Almost all organizations have built CSR/sustainability initiatives as core to the value they deliver and employees also gain maximum satisfaction while adding value to the communities around their ecosystem. You can find trending concepts like Seedbomb making, shoe painting, t-shirt painting, wheel chair making, bicycle making etc. on through which you can engage employees on adding values to the society. 

Integrating these themes can help you to develop an employee engagement calendar which is inclusive to cater to the interest of your total employee base. You can further reach out to us on if you need any suggestions on activities what could be part of your employee engagement calendar.

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