How can you celebrate Pride Month at your office?


Activities ideas to make your work place truly inclusive

Diversity & Inclusion (fondly known as D&I) is core to the culture of the majority of organizations. Every organization would have its own framework, policy and approach to progressively encourage diversity at its workplace. At beginning D&I goals revolved around increasing women employees at workplace , presence of women in core leadership group, policies to support women employees etc, the goals further extended to include people from different culture, regions etc and also specially abled employees. 

The success in achieving implementation of D&I principles now needs to be extended to include LGBT community. The presence of LGBT community at workplace cannot be denied and organizations should start building policy framework around it if not done already. Pride month is a great opportunity for organizations to talk about their policies to support LGBT community and show a truly inclusive workplace. It’s time of the year when you should engage with LGBT community , recognize their contribution at workplace and celebrate diversity. Here’s a list of few things which you can do to celebrate Pride Month at your workplace : 

Talk by Achievers from LGBT community

LGBT Motivational speaker - engage4more

Book a motivational talk or chat session with achievers from LGBT community. Hearing out their story ,experiences & achievements would let you showcase your support for LGBT community. This would also give great strength to employees from LGBT community. Select from specially curated list of India’s finest speakers on D&I, and also from Top achievers from LGBT community.

One Vision


One Vision can be the ultimate activity to align employees around your organization policies on LGBT community. You can showcase a visual representation of your vision and let participants recreate that through teamwork and collaboration. This painting activity is perfect to cascade vision, values or policies among employees.

Theatrical Act

Light Camera Action banner

Book this engagement activity and let your employees narrate their version of why diversity & inclusion is important. This employee engagement activity moves through all the stages of film making – ideating , scripting, shooting and editing.. Book this activity as it delivers contagious excitement among participants as each team screens their masterpiece for the rest of the attendees.

BrainBout Quizzing


Play customised quizzing on LGBT or Diversity & Inclusion on quizzing platform Through community quizzing you can enhance awareness about your D&I policies, Sensitization about LGBT, etc letting employees unleash their knowledge to be on the top of leaderboard.

Workshop on Awareness about LGBT


Engaging sessions by experts can help you  build awareness on topics like LGBT Sensitization,  Unconscious bias, Diversity & inclusion, Debunking myths about LGBT community etc. These sessions are not only informative but also made engaging through live interaction, quizzing, activities  which keeps participants involved throughout.

T-shirt painting

T-shirt painting-engage4more

Celebrate the month of pride with T-shirt painting activity on the theme of Pride month. Book this activity to celebrate diversity & inclusion initiatives taking place at your workplace.

Shoe Painting

Shoes painting-engage4more

Paint / decorate your sneakers in pride month colors & let your employees show support towards LGBT community. Bonus comes in the form of great memories made while doing this fun activity.

Tattoo at Workplace

tattoo station-engage4more

Celebrate pride month with a tattoo activity at your workplace. A tattoo artist will make customized tattoos for your employees for them to show  their support for LGBT community. An easy to roll out and must do activity at your workplace during pride month.

Live Entertainment

live entertainment banner

Nowadays some top performers from fields like stand up comedians, singers, live band, etc are from LGBT community. Organising their performance for your employees let you not only recognize their talent but also allow you to show that you value talent without any biases. Reach out to us to know more and book top performers from LGBT community.

Pride Month giveaways

pride month giveaways

Gift small giveaways like pride month badges, lanyards, stationary items, stress balls, flags, bands, etc which are on the theme of pride month and show your appreciation towards LGBT community.

Celebrate pride month with these easy to roll out activities.. You can further reach out to us on if you need any suggestions to plan your pride month celebrations.

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