Employee Engagement Checklist

6 essential agendas to cover in your employee engagement calendar

Checklist that can help you to deeply engage employees with your enterprise's soul
Engaging modern-day employees

Emerging “media mix” at workplace to engage modern-day employees

Creative and innovative means for modern-day employee engagement dynamism
Vision Alignment Activities

Trending activities to align employees around your company’s vision

Trending and engaging activities to align employees around your company's vision.
Trending Engagement ideas for Leadership Offsite

Trending Engagement ideas for Leadership Offsite

Leaders of the organisation meet once or twice in a year at an offsite to strategize, plan or review business…
Top Teambuilding Ideas for Youngsters

Top Teambuilding Ideas for Youngsters

High energy, a lot of passion, abundant enthusiasm and desire to excel are the traits of the young generation. As…
yoga sessions - engage4more

Yoga Day Celebrations – Make it a culture rather than 1 day Euphoria

Since 21st June has been declared International Yoga Day, corporates have adopted this day as a marquee day in their…
engagement and activities calendar for corporates - engage4more

Best practices to develop your Employee Engagement Calendar!

Make it contemporary, loveable and inclusive As the new financial year has started, many organisations starts planning or finalizing their…

How can you celebrate Pride Month at your office?

Activity ideas to sensitize, entertain, engage, and make your workplace truly diverse and inclusive Pride Month which is celebrated in…

Most Underrated Stand up Comedians of India

Stand-up comedians have finally getting their due recognition! The industry of comedy is growing and comedians are getting more and…
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It’s Hasya Kavis bringing the A-game on stage!

Humour decorates poetry in a way that brings out the joy in the most ordinary things! In India, a trending…