Trending Engagement ideas for Leadership Offsite

Trending Engagement ideas for Leadership Offsite

Leaders of the organisation meet once or twice in a year at an offsite to strategize, plan or review business roadmap, organisation vision or any other key organisational agenda. Such offsites are very critical for the organisation as it involves collective time of the top leaders of the organisation. So when you plan for such offsites, it is very important to get the checklist right because as a planner you need to think beyond brainstorming sessions. Many times experiential activities can make leaders experience in a short duration which they discuss in large boardroom meetings. Beyond conference room sessions & experiential team building activities, adding a layer of session with motivational experts can take the entire offsite to a different level. Here’s a list of some of trending ideas on experiential team building activities, motivational speakers and live entertainment which are popularly used by organisations across India.

Sync as Symphony

book hire engagement activities Sync as Symphony

The world of music can provide many excellent metaphors for today’s business environment and a new vocabulary for discussing corporate leadership, teamwork and innovation. Sync with Symphonyis a musical engagement where a group of leaders with no musical ability learn to play like a real symphony orchestra in just 90 minutes. If objective of your leadership meet it to chart out plan for unexplored territories , find out limitless abilities , you must book Sync as Symphony for your leadership. Sync with music is a high energy session which stretches the leaders beyond their perceived limitations. The activity begins with a performance by our professionals, giving the participants an opportunity to observe the pivotal role of the conductor and the extraordinary interplay between the players. Our facilitators divide the leaders into different groups. The task is then broken down and each group is given an instrument to play and para is taught to them by our experts. They learn and rehearse together, starting to believe what can be achieved with team efforts. In the end, all groups come together in one room and play what is taught to them in sync with each other witnessing the extraordinary power of music to convey ideas and emotions.

Build to Race – Formula 1 car making

book-hire-engagement activities Build to Race - Formula 1 car making

Book this high energy team building task that challenges your leaders to build and race their very own Motor Cars. Design, build and then race your own motor car in this riveting team building activity. The activity consists of assembling a car from scratch with the body parts being provided. This activity help leaders experience  team dynamics, project planning, role defining, resource utilization, speed to execute while having super fun making their own branded formula 1 car.  Book this activity to experience the thrill among your leaders as they drive their cars to compete for the chequered flag!

Fearless Josh – Fire Walk + Judo Bricks + Rod Bending

book hire Fearless Josh - Fire Walk + Judo Bricks + Rod Bending

Book this impactful activity which helps leaders to align around importance of ‘Peak Performance’ in all areas at workplace.. With a unique blend of breakthrough activities, transformational techniques, insightful motivational talk, humor, and experiential activities like fire walk, breaking judo bricks or bending the rod, the activity brings a paradigm shift in the mindset of leaders..

Chain Reaction Chase

book hire engagement activities Chain Reaction Chase

Book Chain Reaction Challenge which is an exhilarating, high-energy collaborative team building activity combining strategy, imagination, and plenty of hands-on action. Leaders of the organization put in all their experience & knowledge to churn out new innovative contraptions. With high amount of focus on design thinking, strategy, collaboration and execution, this activity gives 360 degree experiential learning for the leadership team. Book this team building activity & give a unique learning experience.

Pyramid Building

book hire engagement activities Pyramid Building

Book this activity for your leadership offsite which focuses on Collaborative team designing and thinking using pyramid structures. Leaders working together to put Organisation roadmap for the future stimulates similar thought process while working together on the overall design of the pyramid, build parts with resources available and then join them together to achieve a big vision together.  If strategy roadmap is the objective of your leadership offsite then this is one activity which you must book and make your leaders experience it.

Musical Chair Painting

book hire engagement activities Musical Chair Painting

When leaders gather with the purpose of generating new perspectives, look for ideas from depths, challenge efficacy of team co-ordination or enhance creativity, you must book highly effective Musical chair painting activity. Each leader will be instructed how and what to paint by our lead artist. When the music stops everyone moves! When the music starts again, they sit down where they are and keep painting! It is very interesting to see how they all work to follow along, or help catch the next one up and so forth. This activity brings out the team spirit and bonding of the team as to how each leader tries to help each other in completing their paintings adding a new perspective to each canvas – each time they move.

Motivational speakers

Book hire top motivational speakers

Motivational speakers add a new dimension to your leadership offsite. Experience sharing by motivational speakers can be a great way for the leaders to get inspired / think new ideas or execute strategies. You can book a motivational speaker from various backgrounds like Sports, Innovation, TED speaker, war veteran, Evert climber, entertainment, spirituality, business or look at our special series of super women, sales meet specialists and vernacular speakers. You can look at booking popular names like Shiv Khera, Gaur Gopal Das, Kapil Dev, Anil Kapoor, Sonam Wangchuck, P Gopichand, Priya Kumar, Mithali Raj, Anand Kumar of super 30 fame, Dr. Pawan Agarwal of Dabbawala Fame, Business Gurus like Prakash Iyer, Vineet Nayar, Famous climber Arunima Sinha, Iron man Milind Soman, Cricketers like Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, tech influencer Rajiv Makhni, Hindi Cinema Directors like Rohit Shetty, Shekhar Kapur and much more!…

Live Entertainment

After a day long strategy, brainstorming & hard work , leaders also need to rewind themselves and interact with each other in a very informal way. Live Entertainment is a must have in your checklist to organize a highly engaging leadership offsite. This is one part of the offsite which every leader looks forward to and you must get it right. Book an evening of live entertainment with following suggestions :

Stand up comedy

book hire contact top standup comedians

Book a Stand-up comedian to bring cheer to your leadership offsite. Our roster of Stand-up comedians can create customized content which your leaders can identify with and have a great laugh. You can look at booking Standup comedians like Rahul Subramanian, Zakir Khan, Kapil Sharma, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, Abhishek Upmanyu, Aditi Mittal, Anubhav Sigh Bassi, Abish Mathew, Atul Khatri, Amit Tandon, Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Kunal Kamra, Radhika Vaz, Sorabh Pant, Vir das and other performers who are popular in leadership circuit. 

Live Band

book hire live band

Book a live band to make the evening memorable for leadership teams. A musical evening would let your leaders groove on dancing numbers till late night and would bring a different level of excitement among leaders. Select and book from wide range of celebrity singers , pop, Bollywood, rock, fusion, indie-pop, original or covers, classical, folk, folk-fusion, Quallai, Sufi, Indo-western fusion, metal, acapella, bands across India.

These are the trending ideas for the leadership offsite. You can also search & select from a wide range of 100+ such ideas on as you plan your next leadership offsite…