Top Teambuilding Ideas for Youngsters

Top Teambuilding Ideas for Youngsters

High energy, a lot of passion, abundant enthusiasm and desire to excel are the traits of the young generation. As a corporate you want to leverage upon their fearless mindset and provide them an ecosystem to flourish and grow mutually with the organisation. You want to create an ecosystem in which they enjoy the workplace, learn dynamics of teamwork, collaboration, effective communication and decision making through experiential ways with which youngsters can also resonate. Team engage4more brings for you top 10 curated ideas which are most popular among young working professionals and experience maximum participation from them. Here’s the list for you to explore and book your next team building session for your young working population :

Laser Tag

book hire engagement Activities Laser Tag

Laser Tag is high paced, serious fun and gives one of the closest experiences to armed combat possible while still being safe. Book this high adrenal team building activity in office or off sites activity that simulates the actual battlefield. The game indulges the employees to work in co-ordination and strategize their moves to defend themselves and also laser tag the opponent team. Our facilitators will use office space as playing ground, chairs, and tables as obstacles. Book this activity to have an exhilarating and competitive experience for your employees. 

Office Roadies

book hire engagement activities Office Roadies

Mind on what you step on! It could be an obstacle which can impact the team score. Book Office Office Roadies activity focussed on Building Team Trust and Communications with props as an obstacle game. As the name suggests it’s a simulation game wherein blindfolded participants collect points which are placed in a confined area full of different obstacles. The employees will be grouped into teams. Blindfolded employees enter the confined area which is simulated with several obstacles. Co-team members standing outside guide the blindfolded team member to move around in the confined area by giving verbal instructions.

GeoHunt – Faster, Higher, Stronger Together

book hire engagement activities GeoHunt - Faster, Higher, Stronger Together

Book this adventurous tech enabled team building activity to let employees compete for podium finish. GeoHunt offers the best of both worlds, in which groups put not only their logical decision making & sporting tactics but also their teamwork as they compete to complete a series of olympic style innovative team tasks. Teams use our next gen tech enabled platform to solve clues to decipher the location, go to the location and take up physical quests in order to earn points. To earn a podium finish participants require thick collaboration, two way communication and fierce competitive spirit.

Inside Out

book hire engagement activities Inside Out

As many of your employees may be meeting for the first time, you should make them play this light interactive activity full of fun, challenges & engaging tasks. Book this highly engaging activity which can be done in an physical, virtual or hybrid format and can involve all your participants present in office or virtually at the same time. Book this activity as It requires the teams to solve clues, undertake meaningful tasks, challenges and upload the pictures and videos of them into the game.

Marshmallow Challenge

book hire engagement activities Marshmallow Challenge

Test your creativity and innovation quotient with this exciting team building activity. The challenge seems simple enough : teams have to build a structure with the resource provided. The winning team is the one that can construct the tallest freestanding structure with the marshmallow on top within the time allowed. Book this fun and interactive design activity that encourages teams to experience simple but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity.

Drum Jam : Play it Loud, Play it together

book hire engagement activities Drum Jam

Book Drum Jam at your workplace which is a very high energy activity benefiting the corporate employees as a great way to get in tune with each other. Book this activity as it is extremely entertaining. It aims to share rhythm as a group of people are playing (usually) hand-drums and percussions creating a new and collective sound, emerging from the group as they drum together.

The CEO’s Abduction

book hire engagement activities The CEO’s Abduction

Your CEO has been kidnapped. Do your employees have acumen to trace down the kidnappers? Book this activity to hand out the most important task to your employees as they need to find out the CEO, who has been kidnapped by your competitors. Teams need to compete against each other in finding out the Company’s boss as big reward is at stake. Play this interesting game to find out which team solves the clues quickest to make CEO free from kidnappers and earn the big reward.

Game of Songs

book hire engagement activities Game of Songs

Book this activity that integrates Musical Tambola & Antakshari based musical games. You can book this activity specially designed for a celebration or for employee engagement. Game of Songs can be played among teams or individuals over all the video conferencing applications or as a physical event. It ensures continuous & performance-based engagement no matter the number of participants. Game of Songs provides an experience to the participants that cannot be matched by any other musical activity.

Tele Match Race – Build competitive spirit, the nostalgic way

book hire engagement activities Tele Match Race

Create the nostalgic moments along with back-to-school experiences for your employees with our super exciting Tele-Match Race. Book this activity which has a series of old school relay race games where employees compete to win it. Along with apt responsiveness and ability to perform, this activity helps the employees with strategic planning, fun & recreation while enhancing healthy competitive spirit.

Key Punch

book hire engagement activities Key Punch

Book this fast paced team building activity focusing on the importance of clear communication in a team. The task is simple- to punch the numbers within a bounded space in ascending order and in the shortest possible time. Sounds simple but makes for a highly energetic and engaging experience.  Book this activity as it requires all team members to strategize efficiently to use resources at hand and complete given challenges while having a lot of fun.

These are the top 10 ideas which are trending at the moment which corporates are using to engage the young working population.. You can also search & select from a wide range of 100+ such ideas on as you plan your next team building session.