Yoga Day Celebrations – Make it a culture rather than 1 day Euphoria

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Ever Since 21st June has been declared as International Yoga Day, corporates have adopted this day as a marquee day in their employee engagement calendar. Almost all organisations celebrate International Yoga Day – for many of them it’s just a 1 day activity but there are quite a few who have adopted Yoga as a part of their wellness culture. The positive impact and significance of Yoga is proven beyond any doubt during the last 2 years of pandemic. As wellness is a key engagement driver in the organisations – traditional wellness methods need to be a major pillar of overall wellness engagement programs. Here’s a list of ways through which organizations can make Yoga as a culture by keeping it unique, fresh and meaningful for its employees. 

Therapy Based Yoga

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Demanding corporate work culture , current day lifestyle and propensity towards stress have resulted in health issues around BP, Diabetes, Heart, Spine or Cervical. Yogic science has asanas to manage these health problems and bring calmness in our daily routine. Organisations should embrace routine scheduling of therapeutic yoga sessions for its employees. Click on can book wide range of customised sessions across various therapies like :

– Yoga for Spine
– Therapeutic Yoga for Cervical Spondylosis
– Therapeutic Yoga for Back Pain
– Yoga for Healthy Heart
– Yoga for Blood Pressure
– Therapeutic Yoga for legs (Knee, Thighs, Calves, Feet)
– Yoga for Migraine and Headache
– Yoga for Weight Loss
– Cancer Awareness
– Yoga for Thyroid
– Yoga for Eyes
– Yoga for Joint Pain
– Yoga for Diabetes Management – Prevention & Control

Yoga Sessions with Twist

Yoga Sessions with Twist

Many times we need to spice up the sessions by adding some exciting elements to keep people engaged and hooked to adopting yoga as part of their routine. We have curated some unique programs in which yoga is mixed with music / dance/ props or party celebrations so that corporate employees stay excited. Book any of our popular twisted yoga sessions covering :

  • Glow Yoga Party
  • Yoga with Dance
  • Rhthymic Wellbeing
  • Rapid Yoga
  • Delight Yoga
  • Daftar Yoga
  • Desk Yoga

Motivational Talk by Yoga Gurus

Motivational Talk by Yoga Gurus

Book motivational or a health talk by some of the leading yoga gurus of the world. These talks keep your employees motivated and also help them learn from the best not only about asanas but more importantly about the positive impact yoga brings to their life. Now with virtual sessions it is possible to have talks with leading gurus of yoga present anywhere in the world. Click on the link to book yoga experts for a health talk. 

  • Mickey Mehta
  • Deepika Mehta
  • Shilpa Shetty
  • Ira Trivedi
  • Deanne Pandey
  • Amar Chandel
  • Milind Soman
  • Anushka Parwani

Spiritual talk session

Spiritual talk session

Spirituality is finding its way into the corporate culture and in coming times it would be an essential part of employee engagement programs. All spiritual gurus talk about how yoga has made their journey much easier and its life changing impact. Book  spiritual gurus talk for employees which can help to build the culture of positivity , a healthy spirit and a stress free environment.

Laughter Yoga

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It’s been observed that laughter yoga sessions are one of the best ways for a collective engagement among a large group of employees. Such sessions are fun , inclusive , stress free and most importantly creates a bong among employees with happiness all around. If you have not already experienced it, laughter yoga is one such activity you must book at and let your employees have a great time. 


book hire Mindfulness Stress management

Stress management is the biggest necessity of current lifestyle and yogic kriyas like Pranyam, Meditation, Breathing exercises opens the path towards stress management. Inclusion of such periodic programs would immensely benefit your employees and reduce their stress level to significant extent.

Family Engagement

book hire Yoga for Senior Citizens / Yoga for Kids or any Therapeutic yoga sessions

Success of any employee engagement initiatives increases if it gets extended to family members of employees. Family yoga programs like Yoga for Senior Citizens / Yoga for Kids or any Therapeutic yoga sessions can be extended to family members of your employees to make it more inclusive and successful.

These are some of the ways to keep your yoga engagement plan fresh and meaningful for employees so that it can be made as part of organisation culture. You can also reach out to our engagement experts who can help you curate your yoga wellness programs as per your organisation needs.

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