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“A spiritual journey is very personal and individual. If we listen to our own truth we’ll find the path designed for us”. Through his spiritual journey, Sri Anish who is an ex-corporate CEO, a friend, a mentor, and a spiritual teacher, has been working towards raising the collective human consciousness. 

book hire contact motivational speaker Sri Anish

The background story

MBA, corporate career, serial entrepreneurship, a very successful start-up (co-founded People Strong), and all of this happened by the age of 30. At this peak, Sir Anish decided to quit the board room life and move to the Himalayas. This is quite an unusual story, why would somebody drop all the luxuries, success, social applause & a very promising future and become a no-body?

Sometimes, it becomes impossible to decode the present without looking into the past and without having a deep trust in the future. He looked into the past and saw a series of mystical events since childhood, they were making sense now. So, the pull toward the Himalayas to know the true nature of self, the reality of life & purpose of human existence took over. At the peak of his career, Sri Anish decided to renounce corporate life in search of a spiritual awakening. 

After 10 years of sadhana (spiritual practices), he was guided to move back into the world and share his learnings, experiences & insights. A big vision came to him, to work towards uplifting the collective human consciousness, and establish Dharma (right understanding of laws of nature) as the basic principle for all human pursuits. To create a tribe that vibrates at the same level, and to put this vision into reality. 

book hire contact motivational speaker Sri Anish

What is the significance of this vision?

Life as we know it, is a constant movement & change. But the last few decades have seen a lot of disturbing changes which are largely fueled by human intervention; destruction of ecology & biodiversity, degradation of human values, unsustainable economic models, flawed policy-making, unmindful consumption, and total commercialization of food, healthcare & education systems to mention a few. 

The recent pandemic has ripped most of our systems, ways of working-thinking-relating, and even our sense of financial security which we felt could give us immortality of sorts. 

Sri Anish says, “If we observe carefully, the collective human consciousness is going through a massive transformation right now, and every transformation needs to be given a definitive direction for it to proceed, and right now the only direction we must think & envision is ‘to raise our collective consciousness and to create a new awakened humanity on earth’. Many of us can perceive; that the existing ways of the world will no longer work because they are not rooted in true human spirit of Dharma – well-being for all and hence, they are not sustainable.

Since ancient times, India’s brand identity is its ‘deep tradition of wisdom’, this is our heritage and this must be our contribution to the world. Today, the whole world needs the right vision to create a better life—and life means harmony, it means nurturing life itself for its continuation and evolution.

Our new vision; new systems of living & experiencing life and new ways of fulfilling our aspirations—all must be rooted in the highest dharmic wisdom as envisioned by the seers & sages of the past. This is the new life we must create and offer to all living beings”. 

Creating vision into reality

Sri Anish believes that when people with the finest minds, greatest hearts & purest intentions come together, anything is possible. 

His words are an authentic expression of his inner expansion & vision, his keynote talks inspire, instill hope, nudge to question the status quo and bring a deep sense of belonging & clarity to participants.

His workshops & retreats are life transformative.

And his presence is deeply nourishing.   

Sir Anish has created a triangular model of collective transformation. 

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He is passionate about:

  1. Awakening the corporate leadership to bring top-down impact. (through leadership programs, retreats, workshops, talks & round-table conferences)
  2. Aligning youth to their life’s purpose & empowering them by creating high-impact course design & delivery methodology for PG & UG level students. (through specially designed programs for youth)
  3. Creating media-rich conscious content as web series to awaken the masses for their own well-being and towards nation-building (through the current series for Doordarshan titled ‘Sone Ki Chidiya

Sir Anish travels a lot for his work, rides his motorcycle when time permits and has recently built a Shiva temple & meditation space in Dharamshala. He also writes articles, blogs & poetry, and gives media interviews, his first book ‘Let the Mud Settle’ is launched now and is gaining a lot of appreciation. 

book hire contact motivational speaker Sri Anish

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