10 popular Indian Female DJs swaying the world to their beats

Female DJs in India

Most vibrant women rocking the DJing scene in India

We often see men as DJs in night clubs or music festivals but with the changing times the women in the industry are here to make noise (quite literally) and only for the better. The Female DJs are dominating the music world and it may come as a surprise but some of the best DJs in the world are actually women.

These latest rising stars, with their skills and craft have made it on their own in the male dominated industry. Here is a list of some of the best female DJs exploding on the dance music scene in the ever-evolving industry-

1. Ma Faiza

© Ma Faiza / Wild City

Ma Faiza, who can also be called the Mother Of Electronica in India is one of the most high-profile DJs in India. Born in Africa and raised in Britain, Ma Faiza plays progressive trance, dirty house, techno, and chilled ambient grooves. She is known for the presence that she exudes to her fans which sets her apart from other DJs in the country. She has played at many music festivals across the globe and continues to play the music that is free from conventionality, or without any limits.

2. DJ Pearl

© LiveClefs

DJ Pearl is one of India’s leading female DJs who has managed to conquer the scene of electronic music which is a male-dominated space. She co-founded Submerge with her husband, India’s premier electronic music event. She is the only Indian DJ to have played at the famed Ministry of Sound in London, as well as the Pacha in Ibiza. You can’t think about the electronic music space in India without DJ Pearl, who can make any type of audience groove to her beats in no time. 

3. DJ Barkha Kaul

© DJ Barkha Kaul / Facebook

Barkha Kaul is a prominent name in the Indian entertainment industry. After being a supermodel for 11 years, Barkha began her DJing career and became one of the premier DJs in India. She has won numerous awards as a DJ and continues to stun her audience with her killer beats. She has a natural flair for music which has made her one of the most respected and popular female artists in the music industry. Her Bollywood remixes are versatile and extraordinary, and she has also opened for India’s Top DJ artists like Suketu, Akhtar, Akbar Sami, Sunny Sarid, and many more. 

4. Kary Arora 

© Desiblitz

Kary Arora is one of the names that impacted the Indian music scene. She began her career as a DJ in 1997 and made a mark on all parts of the Indian music industry. In 2014, Limca Book of Records honored her as India’s first woman DJ. Kary also became the 5th female music composer in Bollywood and produced many remixes which were added to the movies. She still performs at different clubs and events and is a big hit among music lovers.

5. DJ Shireen

© DJ Shireen / Facebook

Dj Shireen is a well-known DJ in India, who began playing when she was just 19. She has the ability to drive the crowd crazy with her brilliant sense of music. She plays across genres like R&B, Electro House, Funky House, Progressive House, Tech House, Hip Hop, and Bollywood. Her tracks are constantly played in the UK and she has a huge fan following worldwide. Her music is quite innovative and has a unique style which makes her the perfect pick among her audience. 

6. DJ Ishani

© DJ Ishani / Wild City

DJ Ishani is one of the very few Indian DJs claiming their name to fame in the industry. She started her journey in 2005 and has now become a household name. She has opened for international acts including DJ Doc, DJ Mark Da Spot, Camouflage, and DJ Power. Her style matches the new generation’s beat with a touch of school rhythm, which makes her more relatable than others in the business. Her performances are very distinctive and people can’t help but tap their feet with her beats. 

7. DJ Kamya 

© Opinion Express

DJ Kamya is a vibrant and enthusiastic DJ, who likes to experiment with her music. If people think that the Indian DJing scene is too male-centric, she can certainly change your mind. She is one of the only female DJs in India, who plays Dhol. Her knowledge, versatility, and style are really unique which make her stand out in the crowd. She plays Bollywood, progressive house, and commercial house and has played in more than 11 countries which makes her internationally famous. She has performed with big music celebrities like Mike, Farhan Akhtar, Yo Yo Honey Singh, and many more.

8. Nina & Malika 

© Nina & Malika / Facebook

Nina & Malika is a DJ duo comprised of Nina Shah and Malika Haydon. They are gorgeously talented and one of India’s most dynamic duos that can give anyone a run for their money. They have been a prominent name in the music industry since 2009, and have made their presence felt known at parties and music festivals around the world. They have played at Sunburn Festival, VH1 Supersonic Festival, and the 2016 Global Citizen Festival. They were also the star performers at the IPTL after-party in front of a celebrity audience including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Deepika Padukone, and Sania Mirza. Their music has a special ring to it and in no time can make you fall in love with it.  

9. DJ Kini Rao 

© Kini Rao / Wild City

Kini Rao is a professional electronic music producer and house/techno DJ. Kini’s sound is an ambivalent mélange of distorted kicks, funky basslines, and quirky melodies. She has shared the stage with big artists like D’Julz, Darren Emerson, The Mole, etc. She has played at big venues around the world in front of a massive crowds. She has a way of creating waves with her music which takes the crowd into a state of trance creating a party like atmosphere. 

10. DJ J-YA

© @djjayaindia / Instagram

Jaya Melwani, known by her stage name DJ J-Ya is a popular DJ in India, who has emerged as one of the best female DJs in the country. She is not only a performer but also a music maker who loves exploring and experimenting with music. She has made the crowds all around India specially Kolkata dance to her beats. She is a thorough artist and a talent house in every sense blessing the world of DJing with her mind-blowing skills.

There was a time when seldom did we saw women behind the console in a night club but not anymore as these gorgeously talented female DJs are here creating revolution with their talent and swaying the crowd to their beats.

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