Trending Regional stand-up comedians taking the comedy world by storm

Regional Comedians in India

Top multilingual comics breaking the language barriers in the Indian comedy scene

Stand-up comedy has become a mainstream art form in the entertainment world now. While there are various Indian monumental comedians known worldwide for their humor, it is also interesting to see they all have a USP (Unique selling point) that makes them unique and distinctive. Just like that, there are many multilingual or regional comedians that are making it more viable for the emerging talents to showcase their talents by breaking the barriers of language and it a fact that the audience worldwide loves.

Regional language comedy is an emerging space in the world of comedy and these comedians have taken it upon themselves to make it mainstream. We have curated a list of some of these comedy masters who are making us laugh in different languages-

1. Alexander Babu (Tamil)

Alexander Babu
© Alexander Babu

Alexander Babu is an Indian Tamil stand-up comedian who left his corporate job as a software engineer to focus on stand-up comedy and theater shows, and that’s how the world of comedy got another blessing. In 2019 he produced his 120-minute English-Tamil stand-up musical special, Alex in Wonderland for Amazon Prime and has toured not only in India but also in many countries like the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Australia, and many more. He is a great performer who has been in the industry since 2014. He is the best watch if you’re looking for a good laugh.

2. Praveen Kumar (Tamil)

© Praveen Kumar / Facebook

Praveen Kumar is a Bangalore-based stand-up comedian who has done about 1400 shows all around the globe. He started doing comedy on stage during his BITS Pilani days where he used to do comedy mimes and after he passed out from college there was a void. He got into the stand-up comedy scene in 2009 and has never looked back since then. His Clean humor makes him a favorite among Corporates and family audiences. He has done 4 specials and has been rated as one of the Top 10 stand up comedians in India by Times of India and one of the top 10 comics in India to look out for by IBN live. He loves making jokes in Tamil, which is the language he thinks in.

3. Syama Harini (Tamil)

© The Chakkar

Syama who has always been the clown of her school is now a well-known stand-up comedian on the Chennai comedy circuit. The runner-up of Amazon Prime’s Comicstaan Tamil season 1, Syama was also the title winner of the Telugu comedy show “Kushi Kushiga” produced by the famous Telugu actor Nagendra Babu. She performs like she was born to do comedy and with a delivery style that is rooted and relatable, Syama is also a daring comic who chooses to talk about taboo topics and end them with a landing punch.

4. Vivek Muralidharan (Telugu)

© Vivek Muralidharan / Facebook

Vivek Muralidharan is a stand-up comedian from Hyderabad, whose pinpoint punches, weird observations, and comical delivery will make you laugh in tears. He is a multi-lingual comic, who can perform in English, Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu. With his sharp observations and intense storylines, there is no doubt, why his YouTube videos have more than five million views, with his ‘Surviving Maths’ video about mathematics alone garnering over two million views. His humor also has a socio-political mix which attracts many people. 

5. Saikiran Rayaprolu (Telugu)

© Saikiran Rayaprolu

Saikiran Rayaprolu is a stand-up comedian, promoting Telugu comedy across the country. Famous for pure veg jokes, Saikiran Rayaprolu has performed in various corporate and commercial shows. He has thousand of views on his YouTube videos. He believes that Telugu comedy is still an emerging art in the country, that is why he is tries to perform at least one Telugu comedy act a month.

6. Subrahmanya Hegde (Kannada)

© Namdu K / Facebook

Subrahmanya Hegde is a stand-up comedian who is known for doing comedy in Kannada. He started his stand-up career with multiple open-mics gigs. He think he’s funny because no one takes him seriously in life and well we don’t know about that, but the fact that his humor really touches his audience cannot be denied. He has a track record of winning multiple contests in humor genre. His shows are nothing less than a comedy riot in the room.

7. Pavan Venugopal (Kannada)

© Pavan Venugopal / Facebook

Pavan Venugopal is a stand-up comedian, YouTuber and anchor. His specialty is Kannada language comedy. He has done many shows all around India and has become one of the audiences’ favorite Kannada comedians. He takes his life experiences and observations and blend them in humor, which you just can’t get enough of.

8. Amit Khuva (Gujarati)

© Amit Khuva / Facebook

Amit Khuva is a prominent stand-up comedian who has done more than 2500 live shows around the world. He is the founder of India’s only comedy training academy Cafe Comedy in Gujarat. He even has a national and world record to his name. One of the Finest name from Gujarat when it comes to Urban Observational Humor, clean comedy is Amit’s speciality. 

9. Manan Desai (Gujarati)

© Manan Desai / Facebook

Manan Desai is an Indian actor and comedian who can also be known as the pioneer of modern stand-up comedy for Gujarati-speaking audiences around the world. His jokes on the Gujarati audience’s behavior, habits, funny, and travel etiquette are something, one must experience. His Gujarati YouTube channel, The Comedy Factory is just as hilarious as humor can be. You can go to one of his shows and see how his audience roll in laughter as Desai connects with them using his Gujarati lingo. 

10. Priyesh Sinha (Bhojpuri)

© Stand Up Priyesh Sinha / Facebook

Priyesh Sinha is a stand-up comedian, actor and anchor, basically a man of many talents. He does comedy in Bihari, Hindi, and Bhojpuri and in 2009, won “Hansi Ka Akhada” . He also participated in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 3 which aired on Star Plus and garnered immense love for his performances. He has a way of making people feel relatable by his sweet humor. He has done more than 600 shows and there is no doubt that you’ll become an instant fan by watching one of his shows.

11. Maheep Singh (Punjabi)

© Whats hot

Maheep Singh is a sought-after stand-up comedian who stands out among comedians. A writer who started out comedy as a coming-out-of-depression exercise, he now uses his personal observations and experiences, blending them with a lot of humor. We know what effect a language has on everything, especially comedy. He once said, “We did a Punjabi show in Melbourne. The Audience demanded that it go on for 2-3 hours. They were hungry for more. In Sydney, I said one line in Punjabi at the end of a Hindi stand-up, and the Indian diaspora went crazy.”

12. Mir Afsar Ali (Bengali)

© Times of India

Mir Afsar Ali can also be called the comedy king of West Bengal. He is one of the most experienced and talented stand-up comedians in the Bengali language. Known for his wit and presence of mind, Mir Afsar Ali is also the voice of the masses as his jokes also cater to issues like religious misconduct, political jokes, and on the hike in onions prices. As his jokes can certainly make you think while also laughing out loud, he is definitely a comedian to look out for. 

13. Mandar Bhide (Marathi)

© Mandar Bhide / Facebook

Mandar Bhide is one of the only multi-lingual comedians in India who performs in four languages that are English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. He has been a part of various web series and shows and he also does international comedy tours in different languages. His energetic and relatable performance is a must-watch. Comedy in the corporate space is his forte and when he takes the stage, the room becomes a comedy riot.  

14. Riten Pattnaik (Sambalpuri)

© YouTube

Riten Pattnaik is a well known Sambalpuri stand-up comedian who has achieved great success in the comedy space for his unique delivery and exceptional sense of humor. The upcoming artist does comedy in Hindi, Odia and Sambalpuri and mesmerizes the audiences while making them laugh non stop.

These regional language comedians are the true light of talent and nothing can stop them from making us roll on the floor in splits of laughter.

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