It’s Quarter 4 of the FY. Keep the spirits of employees high with Virtual engagement activities


As businesses move into the last quarter of this FY, it is very much essential to keep the spirits of employees high as everyone needs to perform beyond their best to achieve this year’s objectives. With more restrictions around considering the third wave, virtual engagement initiatives need to be implemented by HR to keep boosting the engagement level among employees. Some of the key activities you can plan for this quarter are as under : 

Virtual Business Planning meet

book-virtual-activities-Virtual Annual Planning Meet

Plan a virtual business planning meet to reflect upon the business performance of the year and plan out your strategies for next FY. You can find a one-stop solution with suggestions on the right tech platform, support on Audiovisual content,  booking of motivational speakers and stand up comedians etc to put together a crisp and focussed virtual meet.

Makar Sakranti & Pongal

book Virtual Activities_makar sankranti

The First 3 months of the year have some prominent occasions like Makar Sakranti, Pongal, Republic Day, Holi and most significantly Women’s day. Engage employees virtually on these occasions with our customised virtual activities.

26th January celebrations

January 26th is a special day to engage your employees with themes of India. You can look at fun engagement via try colours, patriotic songs, dance performances by employees, changing virtual backgrounds to Indian national flag colours, bringing motivational speakers with defence background, speakers with social work etc.

Women’s day celebrations

8th march is one of the biggest days celebrated across corporates around the world. There are great deal of ideas that you can use to engage your female employees and also use the occasion to sensitise your other employees mourned Diversity and Inclusion. Workshops mourned work-life balance, women empowerment, motivational speaking by women founders/industrialists/celebrities, stand up comedy shows by a female comedian like Niti Plata / Rupali Tyagi / Anuradha Menon etc can be good ones to look at using during the International women’s day celebrations.

Annual Virtual Awards in Q4

You may look at organising a virtual awards show that is seen by all employees as well their family members in an effective virtual way. You can look at virtual event setups with fully branded events experience that has performances by live bands, comedians and speakers as well to add further zing to your virtual event. We can create a larger than life experience for all winners by the virtual awards ceremony which is hosted by a professional MC.

Wellness Workshops

book Virtual Activities_wellness

One of the common new year resolutions across masses is to adopt better health practices in daily routine. Enable employees to embrace wellness as part of their work-life balance with the booking of a wide range of wellness activities. lists a 360-degree range of wellness activities executed by well-known experts. You can find all the details and book it with a single click. 

Virtual Team Building

Virtual Activities_GEO Quest

Pep up collaborative engagement among employees with our innovative virtual team building activities like Geoquest, CEO Abduction, Virtual Painting, Rhythm challenge etc. 

Motivational talks

Organise virtual sessions with Industry experts/ leaders/ professionals from other fields to give motivational talks to employees

Live Entertainment 

Spread cheer among employees with virtual live artists performing exclusively for your organisation. Book Stand up comedians, live bands, celebrity performers, illusionists, magicians etc on with just a single click at the best rates.

You can also plan for customised virtual activities which may be in line with your organisation priorities. With third-wave gripping the country, it becomes much more important to keep the engagement level high among employees. offers you a one-stop platform to search, explore and book virtual engagement activities at the most affordable prices.