Top Indian Podcasters motivating the nation like never before

Top Indian Podcasters

Trending Indian Motivational Podcasters that need to be bookmarked

Indian podcasts cover all sorts of topics today be it the pop culture, health and wellness, or current affairs. With the advent of apps like Spotify, Anchor, Audioboom etc, the podcasting business is in boom in the country and has become the new rage of the entertainment world. You can not only listen to your favorite topics through these podcasts but also learn a great deal through them. Many of our favorite celebrities and personalities also appear and discuss various topics and issues which makes us connect more with them.

While the podcasts have taken a massive space in our schedules, there is no doubt that we have these charming podcasters to thank it for. They create content and engage the audience on a regular basis which is definitely not an easy task. Here are some incredible podcasters who are all the rage in this never-ending podcasting era-

Ankur Warikoo

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Ankur Warikoo is an Indian author, entrepreneur, YouTuber who has a great social media presence. He has worked as the CEO of Groupon India, and was also the co-founder & former CEO of Nearbuy. In his podcast, “Woice with Warikoo, he talks about personal growth, careers, entrepreneurship and many more things from which a person can learn to be the best in any aspect of his life. He was the Golden Book Award Winner in 2022 and also featured in the list of Fortune 30 under 30. His videos and reels on YouTube and Instagram are really popular. He is a prolific guide and mentor for the audiences.


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Sadhguru is an Indian yoga guru and a proponent of spirituality who has traveled the world, passing on his wisdom and lessons to millions of people. Sadhguru is the author of over 50 books and his public talks draw crowds of over 300,000 people. Named one of “India’s 50 Most Influential People,” his interviews are featured in various publications like The New York Times, BBC, CNNI and CNBC. Sadhguru explores a range of subjects in his podcast. Listening to his podcasts will motivate you to achieve your goals in a short span of time as they are highly inspirational.

Ranveer Allahbadia

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Ranveer is the host of the famous podcast “The Ranveer Show” which runs in both Hindi and English. He is a social media entrepreneur, motivational speaker, YouTuber, and leadership coach. His podcast has been designed in such a way that every episode brings a value add and to suit to the best of one’s self improvement game including topics like health, career guidance, lifestyle advice and some inspiration to get out there and work on your goals. His podcast in one of India’s smartest podcast series featuring some of India’s most successful people.

Harsha Bhogle

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Harsha Bhogle is a cricket commentator, who hosts one of India’s most well known podcast series. He is widely known as a “voice of cricket” and has made a reputation in the global cricket broadcasting industry. His podcast captures the use of AI in India across different sectors, including education, healthcare, weather, language, agriculture and wildlife. He narrated different stories which are quite inspirational and motivational.

Kunal Shah

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Kunal Shah is an Indian entrepreneur who is the founder of CRED. He is a regular podcaster who uses his decades of entrepreneurial experience to discuss what he’s learned and what motivates people. His wealth and success tips are quite inspirational and powerful which makes him a must listen. His strategies for decision-making, observing reality and what he learned in a family business and how he applies it today are really interesting to listen to.

Varun Duggirala

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Varun Duggirala is the co-founder and content chief of The Glitch which is an independent creative agency in Mumbai. He hosts the podcast ‘Advertising Is Dead’, that is one of India’s most popular business podcasts. His podcast is meant for the listeners to take a pause from their everyday chaos and learn some tools to success. He has the right insights, learnings and conversations with different people to help you find balance and inspiration, while also keeping you entertained.

Simerjeet Singh


Simerjeet Singh is a dynamic motivational speaker and performance coach who has fueled positive change for international audiences from students to business leaders. Simerjeet is known for creating interactive keynotes and workshops that engage his audience and invite them to be active participants in their own success. On his podcast, he comes into the picture as a guide, coach and catalyst, challenging people to take action. With his words, Simerjeet Singh has touched many lives across the globe, inspiring them to take action on the things that truly matter in their lives.

Karishma Mehta

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Karishma Mehta is the founder of the website Humans of Bombay, a site that has over a million followers on Facebook and over two million on Instagram. Her page has been a voice for many people who have inspirational stories to tell from their own experiences. On her podcast her shares her own journey from being a content creator to becoming a powerful businesswoman. She is also a TEDx presenter who has shown how you can achieve your goals by believing in yourself

Shantanu Deshpande


Shantanu Deshpande is the Founder and CEO at Bombay Shaving Company. He has a podcast named BarberShop with Shantanu where he calls entrepreneurs and go deep into their journey, dreams, failures, challenges with them. With his podcast series, he aims to make entrepreneurship relatable and accessible to as many people as he can.

Ravi Venkatesan

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Ravi Venkatesan is an Indian businessman who has been the chairman of Microsoft India, chairman of the board of Bank of Baroda, and co-chairman of the board of Infosys. He is a regular podcaster who inspires people by talking about his journey and life struggles. He also speaks about how periods of extreme change can lead to a new kind of species flourishing on the other side of the change.

Maniesh Paul

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Maniesh Paul is an Indian television presenter and anchor. He countinues to be a well known face on the Indian television. He is also the host of the podcast the Maniesh Paul Podcast which is a platform that has always been the best to discuss deep-rooted concerns or to talk about anything and everything. He started his podcast as a unique initiative to win the battle against Corona and now it has become a routine show that in some way helps people as well.

These trending podcasters are not only entertaining us but also making space for change and its only for the better.

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