Iconic TV Brand Commercials that left us in splits of laughter

Funny Advertisements

Funny, creative and nostalgic Indian Advertisements that tickled our funny bones

We all have been television enthusiasts at some point in our lives and seen numerous advertisements that come with watching our favorite shows. Even though we have come across thousands of commercials, some of those have managed to stick with us and when they appear in front of, the nostalgia is inexplicable. There is a feature which is common among these ads and that is comedy. Comedy has become an intrinsic part of branding and commercial. Now that almost every brand is using it as a medium to reach as many customers as it can, there was a time when using humor in advertisements was novelty and as brands started to use comedy in their advertisements, they certainly saw an increase in their sales and popularity.

Here is a list of all those brands that have used comedy in their commercials and managed to hold a special place in our hearts-

1. Maggi Hot & Sweet sauce ad

Maggi Hot & Sweet has had a series of hilarious advertisements and thanks to Javed Jaffrey, the ad became a rage in the world of commercials. Be it the 90s ad featuring the famous line “It’s different” or the one that was released in 2016, with Javed Jaffrey playing the wife and Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing the husband. The commercial was co-written by 4 bright people including Swati Bhattacharya, Denis Joseph, Prahlad Kakkar and also Javed Jaffrey himself. The ad certainly didn’t lose its funny touch and it shows how humor can stay in our hearts for a long time.

2. 5 Star Ramesh and Suresh Ad


Everyone who loves Five stars chocolates knows the eternal faces of Five star, Ramesh and Suresh. The two brothers brought havoc in the commercial industry with their rib-tickling humor. Ad-film director Prasoon Pandey gave us this eccentric duo who got lost in the chocolate bar ever since the ad was featured and we have been love with them.

3. Fevikwik Fishing Ad

The legacy of Indian brand commercials has been nothing less than a classic exchange of laughter among the audience and the brands. One of such classic commercials is the Fevikwik Fishing advertisement written by Piyush Pandey. After the release of this advertisement, the brand came to be known for its humorous and smart advertising. The ad shows the easiest way to catch fish which surely sticks with us.

4. Ching’s Schezwan Chutney Ad


Who doesn’t know the Ching’s commercial starring Ranveer Singh. This is the one ad which you might love or hate but can’t ignore. The ad shows Captain Ching that is Ranveer Singh who arrives and takes a taste out of a Ching sauce bottle and ends up becoming a rocket. The ad has its own bizarreness to it but also in a very unique and hilarious way.

5. Snickers Ad


Snicker’s has its own series of ads which can not get any more hilarious. This particular commercial starring the veteran actress Rekha is directed by Imtiaz Ali. The advertisement is Snickers’ one of the many ‘You’re Not You When You Are Hungry’ global campaign, which was a huge success. In the ad, the hungry, irritable and gorgeous Rekha transforms into a male player as soon as she eats the chocolate bar.

6. Vodafone ZooZoos

Wallpaper Cave

The second season of the Indian Premier League gave us the classic Vodafone ZooZoos which have managed to stay with us all this time. Created by Oglivy & Mather, the little cute white creatures took the advertising world by storm by making fun of one another, engaging in games, going on dates, gossiping and talking gibberish.

7. Seagram’s Imperial Blue Ad


The Seagram’s Imperial Blue advertisement not only gave us the iconic tagline, “Men Will Be Men” but also one of the most popular and loved jingles ‘Pyaar ki Raah Mein’. The commercial shows the undying love men have for their prized possessions, which they sometimes love even more than themselves. The ads were created by Ogilvy and showcases aspiring men who take on life with optimism.

8. Mentos Dimag Ki Batti Jala De Ad

The Mentos ad highlights the evolution of humans in the most hilarious way. The commercial’s “Dimag Ki Batti Jala De” became an instant hit among the audiences. The ads were created by O&M, one of the premier ad agencies. After the ad, the demand of the product touched skies and we can only say how the hilarious nature of the ad has added to the popularity of this classic advertisement.

9. Center Fruit Ad

With this Tabla competition commercial, Center Fruit rolled out one of the most iconic advertisements in the industry. Conceptualized by Ogilvy, the ad instantly uplifts your mood in an out of the box manner while also making you laugh. The concept of the ad is simple yet the execution is excellent.

10. Happydent Ad

Campaign India

Happydent’s Cannes winning piece of work is a rage in the advertising industry. The ad shows people generating light with their Happydent sparkling white teeth with an added message of doing good. The tagline ‘Dikha Battissi Kar Baat Achhi Si’ is an added bonus to the awesomeness of the ad. The ad was created by McCann Worldgroup and we only know that it deserved the award.

There is no doubt that if we see closely, we’ll find that comedy has spread its wings in almost every industry and the Advertising space is a major part of it. The hilarious nature of these commercials is as good as their creativity which is why they have grown on us. You can learn more about the top funny advertisements of the country by playing our Hilarious Brand Advertisements Quizlet.

Above are some of the best known hilarious commercials that tickle our nostalgic bones, to learn more about comedy and its impact in different industries, you can head on to Engage4more.com and connect with our passionate team.