Top 5 Digital Change and Technology Strategy Speakers in India

Top 5 Digital Change and Technology Strategy Speakers

Business have seen disruptions and need of digitisation since the beginning of Modi’s regime during especially with demonetisation. Covid times have taken us to a new world altogether when it comes to doing business. Hiring, marketing, logistics, payments, other business operations, sales management, collaboration with colleagues and other stakeholders – the entire set of dynamics have been disrupted!

Businesses identified the critical need to be tech enabled since early 20s itself and have been investing heavily on technologies, especially in the last one decade. While building the tech infrastructure is easy, the biggest task has been to for the businesses to encourage the employees to have a digital technology mindset of doing things.

On practical impact on an employee’s life perspective, there is quite a lot. This includes usage of cloud, ERPs, Video Conferencing tools, digitally collaborating with colleagues, task management and so much which can just transform the way we work in an organisation. But this could be very discomforting for a large workforce due to earlier times ways of working dynamics.

This is a completely new way of working especially for the ones who have been in jobs since late 90s or early 20s. We have seen businesses taking great deal of efforts to encourage their employees to be tech savvy and bring in tech enabled working styles and overall thinking.

Here is our list of top motivational and keynote speakers in India that we have seen adding a great value when it comes to supporting a corporate that is putting effort on motivating their employees to adopt technology and digital ways of doing things.

1. Rajiv Makhni

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About Rajiv Makhni

Rajiv Makhni is a technology enthusiast, journalist and managing editor for NDTV


He is renowned for his gadget reviews and hosts technology shows like Gadget Guru, Cell Guru, NewsNet 3.0, Walk the Tech Talk – which air on various NDTV channels

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Why Rajiv Makhni?

Technology and gadget expert. Leading journalist and tech enthusiast. Technology TV show host.

2. Jaspreet Bindra

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About Jaspreet Bindra

A renowned expert with 22 years of experience in technology strategy, P/L management, marketing and sales, Jaspreet Bindra is the founder of “Digital Matters”, an advisory firm in the areas of Digital Transformation, Blockchain and the Future of Work.


A thought-leader in the Blockchain space in India, Jaspreet is also a ‘Digital Advisor’ to Mahindra Group, ‘Adjunct Advisor’ to IDC and the ‘Emerging Technologies Advisor’ to Internet and Mobile Association of India. At Microsoft, he was awarded the “Retail Platinum Award” for Management Excellence and was recognized as a Global High Potential Employee.SAP and Mint crowned Jaspreet the inaugural ‘Digitalist of the Year 2017’.Being an avid quizzer, Jaspreet is the only one to have won the ‘Brand Equity Quiz’ thrice nationally.

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Motivational Speakers Jaspreet Bindra

Why Jaspreet Bindra?

How digital transformation affects the business landscape. Predicting digital and technology trends and how they will impact businesses and life. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency expert.

3. Geetha Kannan

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About Geetha Kannan

Geetha Kannan has spent three decades with companies such as Infosys and Wipro Systems. She now heads the India chapter of Anita Borg Institute – ABI, a not-for-profit that focuses on advancing the careers of women in technology. She has deep insight into human performance and development, stemming from hands-on experience in various functions like Marketing, E-commerce, Diversity. Sustainability, Planning and Human Resource Management.


She was awarded the “Digital Women Awards” in the category of leadership in 2018. She is in the list of 100 mindful women by Shenomics India. Her organization, ABI conducts an annual conference every year to bring together women technologists from around the country which has given her global recognition.

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Why Geetha Kannan?

  • Impressionable innovations in the field of e-commerce, sustainability, and planning
  • How to tackle unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Helping women progress in careers in technology

4. Prof Anil Gupta

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About Prof Anil Gupta

Professor Anil Kumar Gupta, a globally renowned scholar in the area of grassroots innovations, is the founder of the Honey Bee Network & is also a Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad


He was awarded the Padma Shri in the year 2004, one of the highest civilian awards in India, for his contributions to management education. His interests include ensuring recognition, respect & reward for grassroots inventors & innovators at a local, national & global level, & protection of their Intellectual Property rights. Since 2011, he is an advisor on issues pertaining to innovation, environment, & sustainability to Fair Observer, an online magazine covering global issues.

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Why Prof Anil Gupta?

Leadership in grassroot innovation Practicing sustainability through technology.

5. Saket Modi

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About Saket Modi

Saket Modi is an entrepreneur and an ethical hacker often referred to as the “Indian Firewall”. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lucideus Tech, an online Cyber Security company that is involved in securing government and enterprise digital setups.


He has been awarded the title of “Indian Ambassador of Cyber Security in Education” at the National Education Awards 2013. He was a part of Government of India’s committee constituted in 2014 for preparation of vocational course for the new sector ‘Cyber Security’ for National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) under AICTE. He and his team were responsible for the end-to-end security assessment of the ‘BHIM Application’ developed by the National Payments Corporation of India and launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in 2016.

Video: Check out the talk delivered by Saket Modi 

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Why Saket Modi?

Tips to harness team synergy. Exemplary entrepreneur. Known as the “Indian Firewall” for his work on Cyber Security.