Top 3 Rewards and Recognition event themes for employee engagement!

Rewards and Recognition event themes

Every employer is trying to motivate their employees in a certain way. Most preferably through rewards and recognition. While the corporates put their best foot forward in organize an R&R event to inspire their respective employees but many a times, they fail to meet employees expectations.

Amongst various factors, R&R theme plays a major role. There is an immense variety of themes available but sketching the right the theme can make a great difference. To start with, here are three essential aspects of creating a theme – The theme should be 1. identifiable by employees 2. Should be easy understood and 3. Should be inspiring.

Here are the 3 Salesforce R&R theme buckets that has been to cover most of the work in the space in recent times –

1. Warrior Themes

Army / War / Josh / Jung

To shift focus on competitors by being strong and fearless, entering into a mission of being customer-centric & claim our territory with minimalistic damage to achieve the goal of faith, royalty & respect of our customers, celebrating the glory by creating the next milestone Army theme fits in.

Bahubali (sales heads loves this! – one of the most popular one recently before we saw Gladiators theme roasted for innumerable events!)

To resonate with the spirit of courage and bravery and the spirit to overcome all challenges of the sales forces. The theme can be cleverly weaved into the event in the form of a Bahubali that sets the feel for the event. 

  • Entrance – chariot type throne from the movie.
  • Guest welcome – Royal darbar with ministers and sainiks standing on both sides.
  • Engagement – Digital Catapult and Swing like bahubali sword.
  • Nomination AV – Using the character of Maheshmati Kingdom and a darbari announcing the names of nominees.
  • Photo Booth – Using the anti-gravity photo booth, the elephant lifting bahubali scene can be replicated whereby a podium can be created for the person to stand so that they relieve the Bahubali in a picture from a prominent scene.

2. Superhero Themes


When words like teamwork, co-operation, influence, and motivation come together for the theme formation, nothing can beat The Avengers. Bringing together an ensemble of stars from Avengers to unveil the Big Message/Communication for the audience. The intent to motivate each member of the team using a highly engaging and interactive session format.

  • Guest welcome – People dressed like the Wakanda community welcoming the guests or layout designed with human-size installations of Avengers like Captain America with a shield.
  • Engagement area – Imagine to Lift it like Thor (Lift the hammer), Punch it like Hulk (punching game) and Hit it like Hawkeye (shooting games), etc.
  • Stage- Thanos gauntlet will be placed as the podium and the stage can be surrounded by weapons or faces of superheroes/symbolic suits of the respective heroes.
  • Grand opening – To add more Marvel-ish flavor, each department or zone will represent the stones studded in the Thanos gauntlet, and the zone or department head will put the infinity stone in the gauntlet podium and the same will get lit, leaving everyone with a larger than life effect.


The team of bumblebee and other bots with the supreme leader, Optimus Prime are unbeatable and can destroy, can defeat any obstacle as a team when they come together as one force, become unbeatable.  When the theme needs to be focused on the teammates leading the team and the players dealing with the role of a protagonist, this theme suist perfectly.

  • The entrance arch can have the bots welcoming the guests into their world. People dressed as bots/Tron bots can be stationed at the registration area.
  • The AV can include content similar to the Transformers Universe and accordingly the winners profiling & nomination AV can have awardees being named after the bots as per the category.
  • VR Transformers Game can be customized which can be a massive engagement game for the event.
  • Using the chroma studio at the photo booth, one can experience having clicked a picture with the entire bots of Transformers.

3. Super Achiever Themes

Super Achievers / Extra ordiniary


There is only one & only Grandmaster in the world, therefore they wanted to call their qualifier employees the champions of the world. The event was graced by none other than Vishwanathan Anand, the Indian chess maestro.

  • Entrance – Make the right move to reach the main event area. A chess maze would be created to give a chess feel.
  • Photo booth – Photo with a large size chess pawn and chessboard behind.
  • Motivation Speaker – A speaker who trains the audience on how to live a game of chess and to win the game, we need to think 2 steps ahead just like chess.

Red Carpet –

Roll out the red carpet to celebrate the exclusive ceremony which can be created to honor the extraordinary people with glamour, glitter, grandeur, and paparazzi by giving them a VIP experience in which our guests remember it for a lifetime.  

  • Entrance – Grand Bollywood party along with the 3D celebrity cut-outs.
  • Entry pathway & experience – Posters of blockbuster movies and Digital Paparazzi at the entrance to make the guests feel like a Superstar.
  • Photobooth – Signature bike of Jay&Veeru from the blockbuster hit “Sholay” or the bike from “Kick”.
  • Engagement –Guess the celebrity, VR action movie games or a Bollywood quiz game.

So these were the 3 broad buckets in which you can visualise your themes and develop further aspects of the event. There are off course lot many options and visualisations that this space observes, especially as we look at putting R&R in employees performances other than sales.

We have lot more coming up in this space. So Stay tuned for more in this series, especially the trending motivational speakers and much more!

Let’s engage4more!