Your employees have high expectations from the company events!  It is not easy to live up to it every time, especially when they are exposed to exciting activities other than office events. They not just want the experience to be entertaining but also unique and unforgettable. So, here is our list of 4 essentials that you could look at making your next annual day memorable –

A. Inclusive – The key part of the theme is, it directs the purpose of the event while allowing employees to feel the means of communication. These key purposes of communication will convey quality information in an objective known by all, for objectives shared by all while drawing in the representatives and its best accomplices. A theme that is loved and acknowledged, a coordinator is more effectively ready to convey a message that will reach its crowd.

B. Differentiated – These days even birthday parties are getting organized with great deal of creative thinking and unique experiences. A grand event like an annual day has to live up to its much larger expectations. The right choice of theme can certainly act as an ingredient for success. It must reflect the determination of the event and symbolize the hosting company.

C. Consistent across elements – Your theme should influence virtually in every part of your event space like event logo, communication mailer, entrance walk way, stage design, food & beverage etc. The event logo should be visually striking and should be placed at every collateral of the event. The objective is to recall your event theme at every step of your employees. It should be relevant across the nature of engagement like fun activities, team building activities, etc.

D. Social Media Buzzer! – A fitting theme can produce a buzz for your organization. To be sure, when communications and event activities are altered to the requirements and targets of its representatives, they are bound to support them on social media. Use props that are interesting to encourage your employees in engaging with your theme. Exceptional stage structure, custom photo op zone planned particularly for the theme can advance social sharing during the event and guarantee group of participant development for future events. Selecting an original and simple hashtag will help to create a trending buzz on social media.

Here are top 10 trending themes for annual days –

1. Bollywood – Travel from real life to reel life. Be the Superstar for the day and experience the glamour of Bollywood.

Some of the biggest reasons why this remains as un disputed kind of themes –

  • Famous dialogues get used like “kitne aadmi the” for the RSVP mailers etc.
  • Heritage of over 6 decades allows us to get content right from sepia tone to the modem 70 mm. engaging one and all!
  • Attires / dress codes for the employees can be filmy.
  • Photo ops zone ride like Amitabh and Dharmendra on “Sholay” signature bike.

2. Carnival – Huge striking hues and signage, entertainers, funfair rides, a lot of slows down and amusements, popcorn and candy floss treats on the tidbit tables are every one of an extraordinary spot to begin with this theme.

Why Carnival is one of the most sought-after themes in annual days –

  • Engages kids, female colleagues and even elders in a very fun and frolic away.
  • Kids love it and hence parents feel relieved during the event.
  • Dance performances can be preented from senorita to Bollywood mash ups!
  • Photo ops – masks and large structures can create Instagram hits for your employees!

3. Traditional – Your employees come from different cultures of India and form a team to proudly represent your organization.

Traditional theme gives multiple options to engage –

  • A Flea market can bring out the vibe of traditional cultures.
  • Unique performance which can match with the theme starting the event with the regional folk dance like “Kathakali” or “Bangra”.
  • Live dhol gives us the right beat to groove on it.

4. The Great Gatsby – This theme is very cost effective and easily represented by the gold and black color palette which will leave the audience with royal vintage feels.

This theme gives a Hollywood essence to the party –

  • Classical jazz music can be a key highlight of the event.
  • Dress like “Leonardo DiCaprio” in golden and black suit.
  • Feel of the theme is more cinematic, extravagant and beautiful.
  • It creates a speak easy atmosphere with an entertaining act like “swing dance”.

5. Around the world – Let the journey to the world begin from here. A lifetime opportunity to experience the 7 wonders of the world at your annual event.

Audience is ready to fly the world in a day –

  • Placing the entire world under one roof. Imagine Eiffel tower next to you.
  • All seven wonders of the world can be part of the stage design.
  • Great experience for photo op zone through chroma shoot.
  • Food delicacies can be named after a wonder of the world like “Taj Mahal biryani” or “Eiffel Tower chocolate fountain”.

6. Sham-e-khass – A shahi night for shahi people. This theme goes well for the senior management and selected audience.

How does it make it Khass for the audience –

  • The event can be inaugurated with a ghazal performance, mostly suitable for the senior management.
  • “Deewan” seating can be placed to give a shahi darbar touch to the theme.
  • Sham-e-khass is incomplete without a Mughlai khana like “Shahi Tukda” or “Shahi Paneer”.

7. Digital- Be futuristic and ahead in time. It is one of the best themes to represent a company’s mission to transit in time.

How digital can make it a trending event –

  • Relive the normal life in through futuristic event décor.
  • An innovative way to connect with the young audience and can set the event trending on social media by giving a simple HASHTAG to begin with.
  • Unique acts & performances like “Tron dance” or “Robot dance” can be integrated.
  • QR codes can be used for multiple event interactions like scan a QR code to get the event venue directions.

8. Royal Indians – Live life king size. A night to experience like a royal Indian king and queen.

How we make it large –

  • Royal scroll invite can be handed over to the employees with an announcement in office.
  • A grand welcome with the “dhol-tutari”.
  • Stage design can be a famous Mahal or Haveli.
  • Imagine a senior manager entry in a chariot on stage.

9. Colors of India – Indian culture has many different colors that blend together to form a nation. This theme is a perfect example to showcase a sense of collaboration within your organization.

Using all the vibrant colours which will make the event livelier –

  • Eat like locals do; food options like “Kolkatta ke Rasgulle” & “Mumbai ki Pani Puri”.
  • Décor inspired by the 4 regions of India – East, West North & South.
  • Employee performance on the basis of the region they represent, viz,“Dandiya” & “Lavni”.
  • Show to be launched with “Vande mataram” or any patriotic song.

10. Superhero – Everyone saves the day for someone. It’s time to be the superhero in real life. A theme to engage with all age groups and make them proud to be a part of super hero team.

The ultimate elements to the super hero theme –

  • Employees can dress up like their superheroes and live their fantasies.
  • Décor can create a thrilling and exciting atmosphere.
  • Post event comic book can be created like newsletter.
  • A latest superhero story can be linked to the actual event like “Avenger End Game, Thanos’ gauntlet”.

Great; now that you know the importance of an event theme, will you give yourself time to find one that will suit your next event?

Let’s engage4more!

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