6 reasons why you should watch Mission Mangal with your team!

Mission Mangal lessons for corporates

A perfect timing of an inspiring story when the country demands frugal, enterprising and extremely determined mind set!

In this on going tough times, it’s the way you and your team take a head on with the situation that will make all the difference! 

There are many ways that companies are trying to keep up the moral and push the troops. Recently launched movie #missionmangal has these 6 awesome messages which I found really hard hitting and applicable to almost any organisation that will come handy in taking on the business situation now or for that matter for ever – 

  1. Purpose is paramount – anyone who is in it for a 9 to 5 job perspective will not be able to handle the pressure! It’s only a sense of purpose that will help you and team to put it double or triple the effort and for that matter handle the stress with strong nerves.

2. Simple solutions to extremely difficult problems – We get perturbed and lose focus looking at the size of the problem. At the core of the problem, there is a lever if we can identify and change, we can take a head on with the problem! The PURI frying logic can take you to the MARS! Yes to the MARS!


Puri logic with already heated oil for saving oil for completing the orbit around earth!

3. Extremely disciplined cost management is key to business success– We can never take our eyes away from cost of running businesses. Always be ready and enterprising of doing it in half money, half resources and half the timeline. There are ways, we just don’t think enough!


Even a cost of tea is important in such times!

4. Respect inter-dependencies – we are a team and all are inter-linked. We are dependent on many and many are dependent on us! Ask the best and give the best! Space management – trajectory planning – material decision : all are so important!

5. Be shameless in feedback – call spade a spade : Never settle till you get your answers and mind it, best answers. Collectively we will survive only when we have best of us together going to the market. Anything less that the best you wanted, you should not settle with!


Firing the brains at right time also gets the thoughts to new orbits :)!!!

6. Never give up – it may take 6 months post the launch and many factors like weather, solar storm, position of MARS and what not! Too many things that we need to pass though before we call it a success. Never lose sight, never lose hope, never give up! 



I am touched very intensely with this amazing proud Indian story and last week we all at engage4more went for the movie including the office boys! 

We will land in right orbit soon.


Author – Nishant Parashar (Founder engage4more.com)