Top 10 trending activities to welcome back your employees at the office

As restrictions are gone and life is back to normalcy, corporates have also started calling employees to work from an office in phases. This also means exciting times for HR Fraternity to re-engineer their employee engagement strategies to make the workplace feel exciting. In parallel, it’s also an opportunity for employees who have joined virtually or other employees who may have not met for 2 years to make them effectively collaborate and get connected with the organization’s vision. Here’s a list of top 10 ideas which can make your employees return to work exciting, engaging and most importantly highly productive for the benefit of the organization

Drum Jam: Play it Loud, Play it together

Book Drum Jam at your workplace which is a very high energy activity benefiting the corporate employees as a great way to get in tune with each other. Book this activity as it is extremely entertaining. It aims to share rhythm as a group of people are playing (usually) hand-drums and percussions creating a new and collective sound, emerging from the group as they drum together.

Office Roadies

Book this highly engaging activity that let employees build trust, strategic co-ordination and efficient communication at the workplace. It’s a complete fun driven team building activity that can be done inside your cafeteria or on the floor. Book this simulation game in which employees have to surpass different challenges to earn points for their teams and emerge as winners.

Board Games

Play board games to enhance collaboration, problem-solving, creativity and competitiveness among participants. Select and Book from our diverse range of board games to bring your team of co-workers together on a common table as they return to the workplace.  Our team gets strategic board games masterpieces at your workplace and play a mix of multiple games with the participants by dividing them into various teams in the most innovative and fun manner. 


Idea is to make your employees get familiar with the rest of the colleagues, office, your brand, office premises and facilities etc through a fun and engaging quiz. Through our proprietary quizzing platform BrainBout we do this in a fun driven way, especially in a contactless manner. Use BrainBout wherein you can use our existing 32 categories with the most popular quizzing topics or we can also customise your content as per the key messages.

Inside Out

As many of your employees may be meeting for the first time, you should make them play this light interactive activity full of fun, challenges & engaging tasks. Book this highly engaging activity which can be done in a physical, virtual or hybrid format and can involve all your participants present in the office or virtually at the same time. Book this activity as It requires the teams to solve clues, undertake meaningful tasks, challenges and upload the pictures and videos of them into the game.

Big Picture

As employees are returning to work, make them involved with larger corporate goals with this very interesting activity. Book this creative and cohesive big picture painting activity, where participants work together to paint their section of a large masterpiece. Sections, when put together in order, will form one big masterpiece.

Fantasy Premier League – It’s IPL time of the year

March – April is IPL season and it is no surprise that the entire nation gets hooked on the tournament and gets involved by supporting their favourite franchises. Leveraging on this, you should Book and Subscribe to our Fantasy Premier League specially designed for corporate employees. Your employees can create their own teams and compete in a customised league format as their team performs on the field. Amplify the engagement further by booking additional modules like launch parties, weekly game nights, celebrity interactions etc.

Funtastic Friday

Book this activity to let your employees have a fun break at the workplace. Our professional emcee will engage your employees with a series of 1-minute games & fun activities and let them build effective working relationships

Live Band / Office DJ Party at workplace

Book a live band or host an exciting DJ party for your employees at work with maximum employee engagement and creating great bonding amongst them. Select from our range of extremely talented music bands or DJs and let your employees socialize in an informal way and also give a party feel to a regular working day. This will also excite virtually working employees to head back to the office as they would not want to miss the fun@workplace.

Musical Chair Painting

The musical chair is one of the traditional ways for engaging a team in a most efficient manner which also brings back childhood memories for each one of us. Book this engaging activity which is not just about playing musical chairs but what it offers is an interesting twist. It’s a fast-paced art experience that will build on your employee’s ideas, inspiration and collaborative skills.

Chain Reaction Chase

Book Chain Reaction Challenge (Based on the Rube Goldberg model) is an exhilarating, high-energy collaborative team building activity combining strategy, imagination, and plenty of hands-on activities. Split up into smaller groups, the teams will be collaborating, designing, planning and building their own crazy contraptions.

These are the top 10 ideas that are trending at the moment as almost all corporates are welcoming employees to the workplace. You can also search & select from a wide range of 100+ such ideas on to start building engagement at your office premise.