Best Outdoor Team Building Activities for Corporate Events

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Outdoor team building activities have always been a preferred medium when companies plan to enhance the dynamics of strategic planning, team coordination, resource utilisation & seamless execution. Activities that focus on the above dynamics or for fun & recreation are a must agenda item in Annual Business Planning meets, Sales Meet or an outdoor offsite. With things opening up after 2 years, these activities are much in demand at this time of the year. Here’s a list of the top 10 trending outdoor team building activities this season :  

Build to Race – Formula 1 carmaking

Book this high energy team building task that challenges your employees to build and race their very own Motor Cars. Design, build and then race your own motor car in this riveting team building activity. The activity consists of assembling a car from scratch with the body parts being provided. This activity help employees in experiencing team dynamics, project planning, role defining, resource utilization and speed to execution while having super fun making their own branded formula 1 car.  Book this activity to experience the thrill among your employees as they drive their cars to compete for the chequered flag!

Paintball Competition for Team Building. Speed. Energy. Thrill. Selfies!!

Book Paintball activity to let employees experience the thrill of a warlike simulation. One of the most popular outdoor team building games wherein two teams compete against each other in a pre-decided game format depending upon the strategy they adopt. Teams are provided with safety gear, Paintball guns and gelatine paintballs and games are monitored by referees. The extreme adventurous nature of a Paintball game brings out the best in an individual and a team when uncertainty and adrenaline rush is high.

The Quest – Outdoor Adventure Race

the quest

Book this adventure race which is typically a multi-disciplinary team sport involving navigation over a chosen route depending on the location. The adventure race is planned for teams to race around a location in a 2-5 hour action-packed adventure. This team race works very well for an ‘away day’ at an offsite as the perfect foil to a business conference taking place in that city.

Plank Walk

Marching forward in sync is never easy, but with the help of synchronized teamwork, trust and coordination it can be achieved. Book this activity for employees to experience these dynamics through marching on a pair of wooden planks with help of ropes tethered to it. Employees divided into teams, align themselves at the start line and need to reach the finish line while standing on a pair of wooden planks, but without stepping on the ground.

Fearless Josh – Fire Walk + Judo Bricks + Rod Bending

Book this impactful activity that helps your employee to work in a team and achieve ‘Peak Performance’ in all areas of life. With a unique blend of breakthrough activities, transformational techniques, insightful motivational talk, humour, and experiential activities like firewalk, breaking judo bricks or bending the rod, the activity brings a paradigm shift in the participants.

Channelising – enhance focus and co-ordination among participants

Channel-l-Zing is an extremely fun game to play and involves a lot of dexterity and teamwork. It can be played with PVC pipes or split bamboo pieces cut in halves. The objective of the game is to transport a marble from point A, which is where the first player will stand, to point B which is either a bucket or can, placed at a significant distance away, only through a pipeline system. Book this activity to make employees understand and develop the skills of team cohesion, team coordination and how to leverage strengths and improve on weaknesses.

Ball Bridge – Focus on Strategy building, trust and coordination

Book this team building activity where employees are divided into small groups and then paired for this activity. These pairs are provided with ropes to make a bridge and balance the ball between the rope. Without dropping the ball on either side. Participants need to drop the ball on a particular spot to score a point. Right from strategy building, team coordination, execution, backup plan etc.. employees can experience all in this activity.

Group Dynamics – Collaborate to Solve the problems

Book this activity which focuses on the behavioural characteristics of a group. The activity involves a versatile suite of mini simulations like Human Knot,  Batons, Focus Ring, Spider Web, Bamboo race etc which would demand great agility and think on feet from participants and address factors affecting teamwork in a fun learning environment. These experiential simulations make up Group to replicate the ‘pulls and pressures of the modern-day workplace and bring forth attributes like collaboration, situational leadership, creative problem solving and team cohesion.

Tele Match Race – Build competitive spirit, in a nostalgic way

Create nostalgic moments along with back-to-school experiences for your employees with our super exciting Tele-Match Race. Book this activity which has a series of old school relay race games where employees compete to win it. Along with apt responsiveness and ability to perform, this activity helps the employees with strategic planning, fun & recreation while enhancing a healthy competitive spirit. 

GeoHunt – Faster, Higher, Stronger Together

book geo hunt

Book this adventurous tech-enabled team building activity to let employees compete for a podium finish. GeoHunt offers the best of both worlds, in which groups put not only their logical decision making & sporting tactics but also their teamwork as they compete to complete a series of Olympic style innovative team tasks. Teams use our next-gen tech-enabled platform to solve clues to decipher the location, go to the location and take up physical quests in order to earn points. To earn a podium finish participants require thick collaboration, two-way communication and a fierce competitive spirit.

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