15 most sought-after Multilingual music bands in India

Top multilingual bands in India

Soul-stirring bands carving their niche in the world of live events

There was a time when it was unusual for one to listen to music other than Bollywood or film music in India. But with the growing popularity of independent artists, the last decade, has witnessed an increase in the number of Indian musicians, bands, and singers who sing in English or languages other than Hindi, now it is no more a rare sight to see musicians perform or sing in languages other than their native language and switch between different languages. 

Here are some multilingual bands who have given us a serene and global experience and their talents and skills are no less than any international artist when it comes to music-

1. Parvaaz

Parvaaz Band

Parvaaz is a popular Indian rock band from Bangalore formed in 2010. The vocals of the band are mainly Urdu, Hindi, and a little Kashmiri. The band has a lineup of four members and its sound has often been described as one that transcends musical genres taking the listener into spaces that traverse blues, folk, and psychedelia, wrapped in an ambient sound that is familiar yet elusive. The band has assimilated several international influences but their own expression has a rootedness that makes their sound unique. They have a massive number of followers on social media and millions of views on YouTube. 

2. Motherjane

Founded in 1996, Motherjane is an Indian rock band from Kochi, India, and progressive rock and Carnatic music have impacted their music since their inception. They have two studio albums and five singles to their credit and they have thousands of views on YouTube. Their live music is like beauty to the ears. 

3. DnT the Band

DnT was founded when Denzil, a charismatic singer joined forces with Trisca an accomplished and versatile playback singer. They combine a wide repertoire including Bollywood, Retro, RnB, funk, Indie pop, Western pop, Jazz, and swing with a stellar stage presence. Their performances are soulful and energetic and they can perform in various languages like English, Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

4. When Chai Met Toast

Formed in Kochi in 2016, When Chai Met Toast is a multilingual indie-folk alternative band. It is a four-piece band and makes independent music. Their happy and lighthearted music which they create in English and Hindi sometimes features Tamil and Malayalam lyrics and is loved by the audiences. The band has a massive following on social media and has more than 5 lakh, monthly listeners, on Spotify as well. 

5. Agam Band

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Formed in 2003, Agam is a contemporary Carnatic progressive rock band that consists of seven members namely Harish, Yadhunandan, Swamy, T Praveen, Sivakumar, Jagadish, and Aditya. Agam has worked with many big individual musicians from the music industry and is known for performing LIVE all around India. The band came to prominence after it won the “Ooh la la la” Music reality show which was judged by A. R. Rahman. They were also featured in Music of contemporary India commissioned by the Ministry of External Affairs, India. Agam Band as they have a way of making the young and the old groove to Carnatic kritis and ragas. 

6. Staccato

Staccato is a band that promises a new-age interpretation of Carnatic Classical Krithis, a seamless amalgamation of nostalgic film music with a contemporary twist. The band is the only band to have been chosen from India to perform at the 2012 London Olympics. A group that originally met in school, draws from its many influences from across genres, keen on giving an experiential listening to its audience.

7. Steel Ocean Band

Steel Ocean is a Live Band in Goa formed by a group of like-minded musicians who came together for just one reason, “to create a unique sense of music”. The band plays in many languages like English, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Konkani, etc, making every kind of audience instantly love their music.  The band is known as a multi-genre band and their style has been mainly described as Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Latin, EDM, Bollywood, etc. The band is Goa’s first youngest band to release their debut original and they have gained recognition all around the country for their own renditions of famous tracks. 

8. Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a Modern-Fusion, multilingual band based out of Bangalore. Formed in 2016, Pineapple Express is a progressive fusion band, with a rich concoction of Carnatic, Experimental, Rock, Electronic & Progressive elements. The band is mainly known for exploring a diverse range of music genres effortlessly and delivering high-energy live performances.

9. The Urban Monkz

Formed in 2016, The Urban Monkz is a prominent band from Kolkata known for their unique style of infusing rock notes into Bengali and Bollywood music. The band has a unique style of singing classic rock songs, especially from the ’60s, ’70s, and ‘80s. The band can sing in languages including English, Hindi, and Bengali. The band of five has not only garnered a huge fan following in Kolkata but also the whole country and they have also released a number of original compositions. 

10. The Alpin Band

ALPIN is a rock band renowned as one of the best Bollywood, retro, and modern Rock bands in Bangalore. They play in languages like Kannada, Hindi, English, Tamil & Bengali and have been performing live for almost two decades now.  The band speaks the language of Melody & Dance, its soulful tune touches the heart of everyone, and you feel dancing with its rhythm of youth.

11. True Blue

True Blue Band is a highly professional band having members with vast experience in the field of music. The band cover songs in different languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, Konkani, and Portuguese and also perform multiple genres in their own rendition keeping in mind the originality of the songs. The band is known for their unique style that has made them travel internationally and perform in many countries like Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, and many more. 

12. Oxygen

Based out of Chennai, Oxygen is a fusion music band formed in 2003, which conceptualizes live music and blends various music genres including Carnatic, Classical, Indian Folk, Hindustani, Rock, and Blues. The band has produced over 45 tracks including 4 music albums. The band has a way of driving the crowd crazy with their beats and aura. 

13. The Suryansh Project

Formed in 2016, The Suryansh Project is a band that consists of four talented artists namely Suryansh, Tenzing, Sahil, and Ashish. It is a mixture of Indian Classical, Sufi, and Indie Pop Music. The band is known for its popular live shows and performances which have garnered them immense fame and popularity in the Indian Sub Continent.

14. Delhi Indie Project

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As the name suggests Delhi Indie Project is a band from Delhi that plays the fusion of diverse genres at the side of Sufi, Indie, Bollywood, Folk, and Punjabi music blended with western elements of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, and Latin Music. The band is also known for playing cover songs in their own unique style with a lot of instrumental jams along with Originals. The band is a treat for true music listeners and their grooves are definitely for people who love to dance.The band knows to take the crowd in their own unique style and they are appreciated and loved by their audience.

15. Bryden-Parth

Bryden-Parth is a well-known coming together Western and Classical, a cross-style musical duo from Bangalore. They have worked with top Bollywood music directors and also played many concerts and shows in their music careers. They have also millions of subscribers on YouTube and some of their renditions of songs have taken the internet by storm. 

These bands are not only making the audience groove to the beat of their music but also paving the way for other independent artists who want to create a name for themselves in the global music scene. These bands prove that our diversity is only breaking boundaries and we have all that it takes to be at the top of the music scene.

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