10 reasons why mountaineers are a great choice for motivational speaking

Top mountaineers for motivation speaking

It takes a lot for a mountaineer to get to the peak!

Behind the cool photos of a mountaineer with flag and flashy glares is years of determination, practice, acclimatization and the process of overcoming unexpected or much more than expected severe conditions. So much similar to what happens in businesses!

There are 10 big similarities between what happens in businesses and the journey of a mountaineer for them to become one of the best fit for motivational speakers and keynote speakers:

1. Aim is to scale the peak

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It’s not just for fun to make something memorable happen. It’s not just recreation but realizing the full potential of oneself and likewise for a business opportunity.

2. Teamwork is critical to success

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It is impossible to get to the top without teamwork. Right from showing the path, putting together infra to make the group move, safety measures, taking big decisions – it happens only via group dynamics.

3. Coming back is at times a lot more difficult


Dealing with descent is extremely tricky in mountaineering. Likewise in business, dealing with scenarios which may look very lucrative but can be extremely risky!

4. You may see a lot of casualties on your way up or while coming back

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You may see dead bodies of mountaineers from other expeditions and that can get you completely shattered and unmotivated. Likewise in Business, the stories of dramatic and tragic endings of other attempts may get you really discouraged. But the idea is to give it your attempt, a very original and passionate attempt which gets the best of your potential and nothing less.

5. It could be extremely crowded at most difficult patches

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It gets very crowded and tricky at various points during the journey. Such scenarios give you experience of humility and patience. So much needed at business scenarios where you feel extremely desperate to move but decide to stay graceful and become part of a bigger purpose instead of pushing individual desires.

6. It looks far, it may be way too far than you think

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The peak may look very near but the way to get there could be much longer and tiring. You may need to move in a circle around the mountain before you get to the point or you may need to deal with large boulders before you get across a very near looking point. Such is business as well. That deal or client may look very near but the way to get to the deal may not be that straight!

7. It gets lonely on top

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This is one of the prominent feelings that one gets when you are quite ahead within the group or as a group you have created a big lead from the one behind you. So is corporate life. You have fewer people to speak with, to express your emotions.

8. Something soft might be an extremely deep pit

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you may feel very comfortable treading the soft snow but you never know that could be a false layer of snow above a big deep structure that may just suck you in! So is business, at times easy looking opportunities may prove to be the biggest distractions!

9. Small steps can take you long distances

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You have to keep moving. Slowly. Small steps and steps. Don’t look at the distance so often and rather look back after a gap to celebrate the distances that you moved with your disciplined progress. You get so surprised to see how far you have moved after a point. Much better way comparison to keep looking at the target and feel discouraged that the distance hasn’t been reduced much!

10. You may not come back alive

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Oh! This is the first one that one should know and fear the most but then what is the fun of doing all this without knowing the biggest fear of losing your life? This is the feeling that adds so much value and feel to the whole experience. In business, you may lose your precious money, time of life and associated pleasures of asfer options but then where is the thrill??