Trending YouTube videos by top Indian Stand-up Comedians

Viral videos on YouTube that will leave you in splits of laughter

Comedy is an ever growing genre which is spreading its wings in every place and you can see it growing now more than ever on YouTube. Since YouTube has become a very important part of our lives, there is no doubt that the comedians use the video sharing platform as a medium to show their talents and bless us with a good laugh from time to time.

Here are some of the most trending YouTube videos by the Indian stand-up comedians with their number of views as of November 2022-

1. Anubhav Singh Bassi

Roommate- 56 M views

Bassi is a popular name in the ever growing comedy space in India.  He is a storyteller, who specializes in anecdotal comedy, most of his jokes are based on his past experiences in his school and college life. In 2021, he was awarded the ‘Youth Icon of the Year’ by Golden Glory Awards.

A YouTube sensation, Bassi’s videos are a riot of laughter. His video “Roommate”, which has over 56M views will make you pause multiple times just to finish your laughter.

2. Abhishek Upmanyu

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Friends, Crime and the Cosmos- 52 M views

Abhishek Upmanyu’s is one of the leading comedians in the Indian comedy scene. His over-the-top comedy with original punch lines on topics ranging from childhood and Indian Parents to feminism and racism makes him a contemporary and observational artist and comedian. He frequently posts hilarious reels on Instagram and keeps you updated with his lifestyle images and videos. He is a complete entertainment package.

Upmanyu is also a YouTube star with millions of YouTube subscribers. His video, Friends, Crime & the Cosmos has everything it takes to make one indulge in roll on the floor laughter. You just can watch his video’s again and again and not get weary of it as it has a charm which makes you want to go back and watch his videos on repeat.

3. Aakash Gupta

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Childhood Dreams- 28 M views

Aakash Gupta is a well-known Indian stand-up comedian from Delhi. He is the co-winner of the Comicstaan session 2. He is well-trained in performance arts and has aced the genre of sketch comedy. After his big win at the Comicstaan, Aakash went for a mini-tour around the country for his solo show, ‘Excuse Me Brother’.

He is extremely popular on social media and has many videos with millions of views. His YouTube video “Childhood Dreams” is one such video where you can see his finest sense of humor, instant intellect, presence of mind & sharp observation. The video has about 28M views. He has a great fan following which is fair keeping in mind his exceptional sense of humor

4. Zakir Khan

Bahut Pighle Hain- 18M views

Zakir Khan is one of the most watched comedians in India.  He rose to fame by winning “India’s Best Stand Up Comedian competition”. His YouTube video, Bahut Pighle Hain has about 18 M views on it and is a treat to watch just like his other performances. His comedy specials Haq Se Single and Kaksha Gyarvi on Amazon Prime Video were instant hits. With his Sakth launda approach, he targets the youth, the dialogues he delivers point out the minor situation we all have gone through especially when it comes to love and relationships.

When it comes to comedy, Zakir Khan has his own signature move which is evident as he makes the world laughs just by being himself. His YouTube videos are as hilarious as anything with millions of views.

5. Kunal Kamra

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Patriotism & the Government- 17M views

Kunal Kamra is one of the most controversial comedians in India with a massive fan following. He has a great number of followers on his social media and he likes posting memes and funny content on politics. Being a controversial figure, you’ll often see him updating his social media with laughable content on himself. His YouTube video Patriotism & the Government is one of the many videos that became viral on the Internet.

Kunal Kamra likes hitting the news time to time and with that he also finds time to do some hilarious stand-up shows which are as funny as the controversial personality. One thing is sure, Kunal Kamra is not someone who’s falling short of the political jokes. Don’t believe us, his social media is filled with all the proof!

6. Harsh Gujral

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India Reality Shows – 16M Views

Harsh Gujral who hails from Delhi is a renowned standup comedian and social media celebrity whose brand of observable humor that is fresh and contemporary has struck a chord with audiences across India. He made his mark with a super relatable style of narrative that connects him with the audience instantly. His YouTube video, Indian Reality Shows has 16 M views and is a fun watch. Harsh uploaded the first video on YouTube in 2019 which got huge appreciation. His observational comedy is quite fresh with great takes on middle-class families and associated behaviors which is most loved by the audiences.

At present, Harsh Gujral is considered among the top stand-up comedian of India. He has a strong fan base with Millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel.

7. Urooj Ashfaq

Love is Love- 15M Views

Urooj Ashfaq is one of the most sought-after young talents among the new generation of comics taking the scene by storm. She is from Mumbai and found her first claim to fame through the TLC show, Queens of Comedy, where she was one of the finalists and a comedy force to reckon with. She is famous for her effortless and crisp comedy. Known for her hilarious punchlines and jokes on the entertainment industry, she is one of the most popular youth-centric comedians.

Urooj’s video Love is Love is a video that is not only funny but also shares some insight of the comedian’s life. The video has over 15M views and is a must watch for every comedy enthusiast.

8. Munawar Faruqui

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Kaala Jaadu- 9.3 M Views

We can’t have a list without the mention of Munawar Faruqui, who is extremely popular among the fans especially after winning the reality show “Lock Upp”. With his comedy he touches hearts by being vulnerable with the audiences and is growing to become another star of the comedy world just by being honest about his life experiences. There’s no doubt that in no time he will be known around the world for the world is his oyster.

Munawar life has been controversial and his comedy hilarious. His videos are a mix of just that and are like comedy feast to the comedy lovers. His video Kaala Jaadu is one of those videos which has almost 10 M views and gets more funny everytime you watch it.

YouTube is a great source of entertainment and specially for the comedy lovers, who can find many ways to have a good laugh. This list is incomplete without the mention of some of the biggest Comic YouTubers who have made YouTube a heaven for the comedy enthusiasts.


The Land of Bigg Boss- 59M views

CarryMinati has conquered the YouTube world with his hilarious roasts and has earned himself the tag of one of the top YouTubers in India. He has millions of views on his videos and while his videos continue to entertain the viewers, he continues to dominate the YouTube world.

BB ki Vines

Automatic Gaadi- 20M views

BB ki Vines is another extremely popular YouTube channel of Bhuvan Bam that has a major fan base. His videos have millions of views and the videos are rib tickling funny. Bhuvan’s scripts are original and unique which will make you laugh in tears.

Aiyyo Shraddha

Creative Oversmartness- 2M views

Aiyyo Shraddha is a force on the YouTube comedy sphere which will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Her videos are quite distinctive and hilarious. Let us warn you, once you start watching her funny as hell videos, you won’t be able to stop.

We can wish for these mind-blowing artists to drop more funny bombs on YouTube so that we can keep on going back for more because there’s nothing better than a great laugh after a tiresome day.

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