World’s first woman to have flown the Siachen Glacier’s message on perseverance

Namrita Chandi

A journey of passion and persistence by Namrita Chandi

“A king or a queen is a man or a woman who has mastered himself or herself. He or she may not be perfect but is complete. Finding within oneself, all the reasons to fulfil one’s mission one must work at uncovering ones powers and must know how to use them to their advantage.”

Namrita Chandi the first woman pilot in the world to have flown in the Siachen Glacier and the first woman across the globe to have landed at the highest ALG in the world, is the epitome of strength, willpower, ethics and values. An accomplished ex-Indian Air Force Helicopter Pilot with 27 years of experience in aerospace, cross-sector and cross-functional management experience in leadership roles, ex Vice- President of a renowned Aviation Company, as a motivational and inspirational speaker she inspires millions to give wings to their dreams.

 She is a woman filled with steel in her spine.

In times when she was growing up, an Indian woman was traditionally a home maker, a follower, a mother and a house keeper. She was expected to do what women had been doing for times immemorial.

As a child and as a young girl, she walked the unpaved berms of her father’s fields in a mofussil village. She watched women toil in the fields, they had little babies tied on their backs. As evening settled, they made their ways back home with dry wood on their heads. It raised many questions in her young mind. Why must some feel so tied down home and hearth with a sense of desperation. They were born free but their lives were in chains of slavery to the system. She realised that every creature born needed to be treated as a person with immense diverse capacities and capabilities.  She decided then, that she needs to stand up for them.

She began with herself. Her dreams were not just in thoughts but truly in action. She became a pilot, one of the first few to fly military aircraft. She was a different breed of women equal to all, in skill and in social standing. She lost her fear and self-limiting doubts  that she was in a man’s world. Flying alone in glacier heights, brought a sense of freedom and confidence. She realised if she could do it, everyone could do it. Any person who was looking to be a good version, the best version of himself, could achieve anything.

What made this girl from small-town India break the glass ceiling in the Indian Air Force to become one of our first women helicopter pilots? What is it about her that ensured that she was not satisfied with crumbs? Where did her hunger for more come from? What is different about her DNA that she was able to give wings to her dream?

It was time for her to impart an experience and the wisdom of years of learning how to be one’s best version, motivated her to reject thoughts, and people who were not supportive.  She stopped thinking of negativities of social opinion or middle paths. She chose to fight external dominance and win and today she wants each person to discover the immense potential hidden beneath that cloak of reticence and hesitation that one has worn.

She is on a mission  to realize that loyalty to oneself to fulfil one’s dreams far outweighs following a beaten path because someone else wants you to toe the line. She wants to help individuals to become eagles, harness their true power, fly limitless, follow their dreams and fear nothing!

“You can be anyone you desire to be-you can be a crowd puller, a successful businessman, a motivational professional leader or an entrepreneur. You are born to be a complete whole, emotionally strong and stable. You are born with a power to do amazing things. You are born to succeed.” This is her mantra.

 One must validate one’s existence. It lets one sleep in peace knowing that there are hundreds of other man and women , indeed thousands of other out there who have found relevance because someone helped them through their confusion and trials of life.

What makes one anxious about the future? What makes one reticent about shedding the securities of a dull, humdrum life? Nothing is impossible if you set our mind and heart to achieving it. We all have it in us to become unstoppable. Namrita Chandi is on a journey to convince men and women  to reinvent themselves so they can see their hidden strengths. There are thousands  who feel stuck in their careers. She helps them to clear their blockages and power up their leadership qualities. She will inspire you to set goals and give you methods to touch the skies with glory. Not only for your own self and your family but to the community and the world!

As Namrita says:

 “One does not need to look for a path. The path, and the journey, begins  from where one stands. And I see that king and queen in every person. Allow me to unveil it for you. The warrior who is raring to go and break free, become unstoppable.”

Namrita Chandi is the Author of “Unseen Wings”. Unseen Wings is the intriguing and awe-inspiring true story of a young girl from a small farming village who soared into the endless skies to live her dreams despite challenges raining down on her like confetti. It is a unique yet universally relatable tale of grit and determination right in the line of life’s curveballs. It will inspire you to claim your unseen wings and start working toward your dreams today!

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