Celebrating Holi in Office – Here are 10 Creative Ideas!

Positive interactions between employees increase morale and overall motivation. When everyone is happy in the organization, employees perform better, there are higher efficiency and concentration at work.

It has been seen that colleague interaction and mingling have plunged over the years. Even during lunch and coffee breaks everyone either spends time on their phones or laptops. There is no positive interaction or conversation between employees which reduces the overall morale. This leads to higher rates of anxiety, depression and lower energies at work. 

Developing a positive attitude and high morale can be very challenging for companies. Festivals are the best time to inculcate this as a company culture. 

 Employees interact with each other during festivals and the happiness quotient is at the highest during these times.

Holi is one such festival that advocates victory of good over evil. Holi is normally a cultural festival celebrated with family. And office colleagues are nothing but extended families as you spend so many hours of your life at work. Celebrating this festival with your employees as an activity will help lift the spirit of the day and induce higher morale.

Holi celebrations in the office help reinstate the office culture that is more important than even the money they earn or the work they do for you.

Holi is a time for togetherness it encourages personal connections with the other employees. This is one festival where everyone participates irrespective of their rank or stature in the company.

Holi is celebrated with lots of fervor and enthusiasm in the country so why not in the office too?

So, lighten up the mood and let Holi bring in the joy into your offices as it does in the country.

 Engage4me helps in building this team culture and employee interaction through our variety of games and activities specially crafted to celebrate this festival of colors.

Holi creative Ideas / Activities

Face painting

Face Painting- Office Holi Ideas

This Holi one of our creative artists will paint your face with the colors you desire.

Nail bar

Nail Bar- Office Holi Activity

To protect your nails during Holi it is advised you paint them to avoid the Holi color staining your nails.

Our nail art section provides you with the best artists who can help decorate your nails.

Mehendi Chamkegi

Mehendi Chamkegi- Office Holi Ideas

Traditional Mehendi or henna marks the onset of any auspicious occasion. The color just adds and blends in with the colors to come during the festival of Holi.


Tattoo- Office Holi Activity

Make a simple black and white tattoo and let the Holi colors fill it to mark your association with the festival.

Panipuri Wala

Panipuri Wala- Office Holi Ideas

Spicy and sweet are the best flavors of life. Here we try to squeeze it into your palate as well. So, enjoy that panipuri with an office mate and make the most of the season.

Kulfi falooda

Kulfi falooda- Office Holi Ideas

A sweet dish is a must for any festivity and nothing better than the traditional Kulfi falooda to lift your mood. Get started with the sweetness to bring in Holi this year.

Fish therapy

Fish therapy- Office Holi Ideas

Get your feet pedicured by the fish and enjoy a relaxing time. There is nothing more relaxing than having your feet dipped in water.

T-Shirt Painting for a Social Cause.

T-Shirt Painting- Office Holi Activity

Red, blue, green, yellow…collect all the colors in your head and use your creative streak to get that t-shirt painted. It’s all for a social cause so this Holi, gives back to society.

Shoe Painting for a Cause.

Shoe Painting - Office Holi Activity

Canvas shoe painting is the latest craze among the younger generations today. Dip your hands in colors and feel young again.

Lemon and tea mocktails making session

Mocktails Making - Office Holi Activitiy

Cooking is a therapy for most and this is a much easier version of it without the hassle of fire. It can be done easily in most offices. Get your hands wet and try these yummy drinks.

Bring in the festival of colors, get into the Holi mood, wear colorful clothes to work, decorate the office with colorful ornaments to get the feel of this beautiful festival.

Forgive and forget, resolve all conflict and bring in the cheer of this festival by including some or all of these activities. 

It will lead to higher employee engagement, healthy team collaborations, and overall employee motivation. 

Bring in the Holi magic to your office, the happiness, the laughter and everything else with it.

There is very little success where there is no laughter and happiness. 

Let Holi fill you with the colors of happiness. Happy Holi.