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Our Story

engage4more is committed to serve the corporate world in building an environment where employees come to work with a positive attitude, and offer more of their potential, leading to improved business outcomes.

We believe that each individual employee is independently integral, but at the same time positively interdependent on one another, to create the big picture, like in a jigsaw puzzle. Following this theory, we ensure that the process of fitting in becomes enjoyable, leading to increased cooperation and trust in the process of achieving a common goal. We work towards crafting personal relationships among employees, and bringing in a sense of belonging and esteem, to boost employee retention.

We have consistently been designing novel and innovative models to help employees connect better, with each other as well as the goals and objectives of the company.
We ensure engagement at all levels of business hierarchy and cultivate it on a regular basis, using events, content and technology based diverse platforms for improved employee satisfaction.

In a short span of 8 years, we are celebrating engagement for over 50,00,000 employees in more than 1500 organisations becoming India's leading employee engagement company.

We continue to tread on the path that leads us to our vision, of touching the lives of employees across the globe, leading them to outperform and transport their organizations to new heights.


To unlock and enhance human capital value by creating engaged working environment


To become world’s largest employee engagement company by partnering corporates in:

  • 1. building powerful employer brand
  • 2. enabling in creating engaged working environment


Empathy:Strongly align with - what is important for stake-holders.

Lead:Consistently, Lead in thoughts as well as Lead in action.

Roti:Ensure 'Return On Time Investment' for stake-holders across engagements.

Journey so far

  • 2018

    Launched Activity Business

  • 2017

    Launch of Tikkle

  • 2016

    • Launched Money Symphony
    • Brain Bout conducted in 100 offices
    • Alumnus Entrepreneur of the Year Award by SIBM

  • 2015

    • Launched Brian Bout – 50 offices participated
    • Launched Corporate Super Chef

  • 2014

    CTC conducted in 150 offices engaging 15,000 participants

  • 2013

    CTC goes Pan India & on National Television

  • 2012

    • Launched the first Event Franchises, CTC: Corporate Talent Championship in Mumbai
    • Started Content business

  • 2011

    • Businessworld awarded Founder & Director - Nishant Parashar as ‘Hottest Young Entrepreneur of the Year
    • Opened Delhi Franchise

  • 2010

    Started operations in Mumbai


  • Businessworld ‘Hottest Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award, 2011
  • Business Excellence Award by the Economic Development Forum of India, 2012
  • Silver Award at ABC (Association for Business Communications) , 2013
  • SIBM, Alumnus Entrepreneur of the year, 2017