Top Online Employee Engagement activities: Virtual competitions delivering rocking Team Building!

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Online engagement activities have been the need of hours since we have got used to working from home culture.  Online team building activities, virtual interactive games, and digital challenges are very popular among the HR fraternity to keep employees excited while working remotely.

The rollout of online engagement activities is much easier and gives wider coverage of employees at a very reasonable cost. While different themes of online engagement become relevant depending upon the time of the year, one thing that keeps trending throughout is virtual team building activities.

Virtual competitions are delivering employee engagement!

Gaming is on the rise and it has its own positive opportunity for employee engagement.

The way any virtual Team building activity can excite an employee, cannot be matched by anything else. The passion to win, zeal to be at the top of the leaderboard not only keep employees charged up, it also brings the best out of other management skills like teamwork, collaboration, negotiation skills etc., India’s only marketplace for employee engagement brings out the best of virtual team building engagement activities which you can book with a single click. Here’s the list for you :

1. The CEO’s Abduction

This immersive experiential activity let you hand out the most important task to your employees as they need to find out the CEO, who has been kidnapped by your competitors. Teams need to compete against each other in finding out the Company’s boss as big reward is at stake. Play this interesting game to find out which team solves the clues quickest to make CEO free from kidnappers and earn the big reward. The activity can test the best of team coordination and negotiation skills of employees.

The-CEOs-Abduction_Digital Activities

2. Solve the Mystery

Bring out Sherlock Holmes hidden inside your team members. This immersive experience starts with the briefing of a crime and teams have to solve the case like detectives. The storyline includes suspects introduction, questioning and tools which helps the teams to solve the case. Team which brainstorms and understands the chain of events better will eventually find out the criminal. Teams will surely have lot of fun as they compete against each other and time.


3. Storigami

An AI superbot threatens to take over and create a world without humans, but you can stop this – through the age-old art of origami. In this timed problem-solving exercise, teams need to unravel a complex code by learning to create a series of origami art. With each cipher solved, you get one step closer to averting disaster! Teams will enjoy the thrill of solving ciphers, all the while learning a new skill and art form.

Virtual Digital activities storigami

4. BrainBout

Quizzing is nothing but a bout by using your brain that unleashes your competitive side using knowledge and logical reasoning. And online quizzing is the best way to let your employees compete against each other. Brainbout, a community quizzing platform that let employees play quizzes with colleagues and friends across corporates.

Your employees can participate in Brain Bout’s intra-corporate and monthly inter-corporate competitions to to win medals and cash prizes. Also one can play on Quizlets which are specially curated collections of quizzes based on trending topics and breaking news.

Quiz for employee engagement virtual contest

5. Amazing Race Challenge

It’s a fun based activity comprising of various short spanned interactive and mind game activities. The team members have to complete the given tasks in the allotted time. Whichever team finishes the task effectively and efficiently win the points.

These tasks can be customised depending on the time we have available for the activity. We can add more number of elements to be covered in the race to extend the timing. This can be simply one hour long or can be extended to a good half day activity.


6. CTC – Corporate Talent Championship

CTC – Corporate Talent Championship is the world’s largest performing arts platform for corporates. is an online platform to conduct intra-corporate contests through a simple online process of upload/vote videos under 2 minutes.

You can have categories of Singing, Music, Acting, Dancing and new emerging category of cooking as well! We can also have options for engaging employees as well as children or rest of the family members of the employees. Another way to use the platform is to organise a single category contest as well e.g. XYZ singing competition or XYZ dance competition or for that matter XYZ Super Chef contest as we can select a single category as well from the backend panel for a corporate and run a customised ‘single category’ based contest.

7. Digital Tambola

Play the traditional game of tambola in a digitized way but with the same excitement of anticipating numbers & be the one to say House. Your employees get digital tickets in their inbox and a facilitator rolls out the numbers in an exciting way. The fun & excitement among your employees is unmatchable as they compete for the prizes.


8. Home Olympics

A list of 15 tasks will be given to the participants who are divided into teams based on the Olympics. Starting with an opening ceremony and following all the rules, the participants are supposed to finish the race in the minimum time. Let your teams compete and earn their medals.


9. Recover the National Treasure

Employees will be on a mission to save the national treasure. They have the map and clues to reach the hidden treasure and save it from being sold to foreign elements. Will your team members have the acumen and coordination to save national pride which competing against each other & time? Play the game and find it out.


10. The Vaccine Hunt

Teams are dispatched to a secret lab on a remote island to discover the vaccine created to deal with the pandemic. Will teams be able to decode the clues and find out the vaccine? Experience it yourself to find it out.


11. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

It’s an ideal virtual engagement activity that can involve your employees & their family members in a virtual hunt. The participants need to decode the clues, identify suitable objects, upload their pictures into the games. Fun activities in between which let them earn points make it really interesting.


12. Emcee Games

Everyone used to look forward to one-minute challenge games by emcee games on the office floor or in the cafeteria in the pre-corona world. Relive the same excitement in an online avatar with an emcee now interacting with employees on a digital platform & engaging them in fun-filled competitive games.

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