Indie Singers and Bands who are all the rage in the Indian music scene

Indie Singers and Bands

The most sought after Independent artists, bringing their A-game in the recording business

India is witnessing the advent of some of the best Indie artists who are the talent houses when it comes to producing exceptional and unique music. Gone are the days when Independent music was just an unconventional choice in the Indian music scene as now these extraordinary singers and bands are changing the trajectory which is surreal and a dream come true for every music enthusiast.

Here is a well curated list of some of the most iconic Indie singers, bands and artists in India who are just phenomenal at what they do-

Prateek Kuhad

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Prateek Kuhad, is an Indie music artist, dubbed “one of the country’s finest singer-songwriters” by Rolling Stone India. He had a meteoric rise on the international scene in recent years, becoming the first Indian musician to sign with Elektra records and even appearing on former US President Barack Obama’s playlist. His songs are global hits, making him one of the most famous Independent artists in India. He performs live extensively and all over the world. His breathtaking shows are mostly sold out making him a fan favorite.

Anuv Jain

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Anuv Jain is a singer and songwriter who became popular after releasing his first track on his YouTube channel in 2016 titled, “Baarishein”. The track has since gained about 35 million views. He has sung various famous songs including “Riha”, “Gul”, “Mishri” and many more. Known for touring and performing his superhit songs in different Indian cities, he has an exceptional voice that can add warmth to melancholy.

Shirley Setia

© Shirley Setia / Facebook

Shirley Setia is a singer and actress known for her work in the Indian music industry. She came to prominence via YouTube after her covers of various songs gained recognition and turned her into an instant YouTube success. She has been a part of various Indian films and series and has released many songs and albums. Her YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and views making her one of the most popular Indie artists in the country.

Darshan Raval

© Darshan Raval / Facebook

Darshan Raval is a famous singer and songwriter who gained recognition after being the first runner-up in the music reality show, India’s Raw Star in 2014. He has sung many Hindi, Gujarati and Bengali songs. His songs Pehli Mohobbat, Tere Naal, Baarish Lete Aana among others were instant hits. One of the most loved artists in India, Darshan is a well known songwriter who makes independent music and tours around the world to perform live.


© Ritviz / Facebook

Ritviz is an Independent electronic musician, singer and songwriter who came to prominence after his song Udd Gaye was released, which turned him into an overnight success. Ritviz has tapped into an alternative electronic audience with a fresh blend of pop, dance, Hindi, and hip hop and made the whole thing break out into the mainstream, and did so in a market that has very little room for anything but Bollywood. His music is quite an obsession among his fans and is loved globally. One of the most popular electronic artists in India, he has made a name for himself on the global stage and is played with various international artists like Dua Lipa, Katy Perry, Major Lazer, LAUV to name a few.

Arjun Kanungo

© Arjun Kanungo / Facebook

Arjun Kanungo is an Indian Independent singer and composer who came to light after the release of his viral hit song, ‘Baaki Baatein Peene Baad’. He went on to work with many famous composers and has since gained a huge fan base. He regularly releases songs and remixes which become instant hits. Listening to his songs is an energizing experience for every person specially during his live performances.

The Local Train

© The Local Train / Facebook

The Local Train is a Chandigarh-based Indian rock band consisting of Raman Negi, Paras Thakur, lead electric, Ramit Mehra, Ramit Mehra, and Sahil Sarin. The members of the band are all extraordinary and profound in their own ways as they make up the band’s roster. The band’s rich music is the reason for its immense success. The band has performed in many countries and continues to charm the audience with their over the top performance.

The Yellow Diary

© The Yellow Diary / Facebook

The Yellow Diary is an amalgamation of five independent musicians who have their own influences which is unique in different ways. The band is known for producing thought-provoking poetry infused music with a rare modern soundscape. The band has made a name for itself in the indie music scene in less than half a decade. Their live performances are nothing less than a magical and serene experience for the crowd, which should not be missed.


Zaeden is a famous DJ and singer who began his career at 14. He has played at numerous international concerts and festivals including the Tomorrowland and Marenostrum Festivals. He has also tied up with various international brands and played at clubs like Pacha and Ushuaïa to name a few. Zaeden is perfect for a concert-like vibe. He ends up every show with his breathtaking performance leaving his fans astonished.


Nucleya is one of India’s most popular and influential Independent artists. He has been making music since 1995 and was part of a band till 2007 when he began his solo journey as a DJ and producer. He has performed at some of orld’s biggest music festivals. Nucleya has made his mark as an Indian music producer, producing music that is the soundtrack of a new Indian generation.

Armaan Malik

Armaan Malik is a distinguished singer and songwriter who has earned widespread acclaim for his style of singing. He has won numerous awards including Indian Television Academy Awards, Michi Music Awards, Filmfare R. D. Burman Award, Global Indian Music Academy Awards and many more. He is one of those Indian artists who have introduced himself to the global music industry by singing English songs which went on to become chart topping hits. His voice has a serene and breathtaking quality to it which you can’t get tired of no matter how much you listen to it.

These Indie music artists have carved a niche in the Indian music business with their soulful melody and remarkable songwriting.

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