It’s time, the Corporate world embraces Comedy. Wholeheartedly!

Embracing Comedy in Corporate world

There’s so much that the corporate world can gain from Comedy

Reasons why your corporate life needs a slice of comedy!

There’s no place where humor is not needed today. In the growing stress and pressures of reality, a dose of humor releases the chemical serotonin in your brain, which improves focus, increases objectivity and improves overall brainpower, and there’s no better place than your workplace where humor should become a culture.

Practicing Humor in your office can have its own benefits as it improves decision making, trigger new connections, enhance your ability to solve problems, increase likability, build trust, diffuse conflict, increase the size of your paycheck and also burn those calories.

Let’s take a closer look at all the benefits of laughter that can make your work life a primrose path-

1. Haha= Aha!

Attractive people are more likable and likable people are easier to work with. There’s a reason why people with a good and positive sense of humor top the list of attractiveness, because of their creativity, cognitive fitness, and out-of-the-box thinking. Those Leaders who have a sense of humor, in the same way, are more likable rather than leaders who seem more intimidating. Being funny in your office can also make you a jack of all trades.

2. Humor can add attention to the presentation

During the presentations, adding a little spice of humor is always a good idea as it only makes others pay more attention to the presentation. As it is a great way to break the ice and keep the listener interested while also ensuring the presentation is memorable. If the listener is laughing with you they’ll feel more connected and more points for you. 

3. Comedy lit up the office
Comedy has that glow to it © Know Your Meme

Going to the same office, and working with the same set of people might wear you out, but comedy is a tool that can change things for the better as humor is more than just a pleasant way to pass your day, it is something that keeps you interested, motivated and also amused. Even the people who are not comfortable making jokes and sharing humor, tend to be more relaxed in the environment with the presence of humor. 

4. Humor is the slayer of generation gap
© KnowledgeCity

Differentiating between people on the basis of generation gap is so old school. What’s new is being a party of a person while creating a positive environment by breaking the age barriers. You can be serious about your work and still have a sense of humor, killing off the tension between you and your coworkers.

5. Comedy is a breather
No place for pressure © Bored Panda

The power of humor is that it helps you cope with the daily stress and works as a breather as you work around the clock. It’s like an antidote or soothing balm to your overtime hours. Make jokes on the stuff everyone’s worried about as laughter is disarming and you’re only putting the worries away to focus on your work. So when someone makes a joke, don’t be afraid to laugh out loud in the office, as it’s only relaxing your muscles down.

6. Humor can turn conflicts into calm
Crack a joke in conflict © Saying Images

Humor is a powerful tool to address the intense conflicts into a light-hearted manner. Cracking a joke in a demanding situation at the right time, will not minimize the problem but can help you cool down and settle yourself until you can go back to solving the problem with a fresh perspective. The leaders who use humor in distress tend to make the employees more comfortable and less awkward.

7. There’s no death march to the office in presence of humor
Comedy can make you look forward to Mondays © Share on Purpose

Going to the office on Mondays become less of a pain when you know humor exists in the office. People become more comfortable, lively and enthusiastic when they’re looking forward to some thrill or fun in any domain and if its present in the place of their work, it only becomes more easier and amusing to walk to the office without looking like a zombie.

Humor makes one look more human and a charming one at that. That is why some of these world leaders use humor in their speeches and in their antics at public appearances to connect better with the world and build deeper relationships.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama being his hilarious self © ABC7 News

“We should also make sure everyone has something to eat on Thanksgiving. Of course, except the Turkeys, beause they’re already stuffed.”

Barack Obama is the 44th American President and also the comedian-in-chief who has mastered the art of being funny. As a politician, he knows that people like candidates who they can relate to and comedy is one way to achieve that. He is not only one of the respected Presidents of all time but also one of the coolest for his antics, viral moments, hilarious speeches and dad jokes.

Warren Buffett
The Billionaire who likes to sing and play the ukulele © MarketWatch

“I buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me”

He might seem old but he’s a young kid at heart and quite a character. A meeting in presence of such an experienced leader, that too a billionaire might sound dull at first but with Warren Buffett everything can turn into fun. The billionaire investor is known for using the most underrated skill in business, that is, humor, to communicate with his employees.

Narendra Modi
© DNA India

“You must be reading in newspapers, Modi is celebrating, Modi wastes money, Modi does this and that… Its a question of their livelihood, and I’m glad that I’m working to provide for their livelihood”

Narendra Modi is known for his powerful and empowering speeches. He has a way of making the crowd cheer for him and there’s no doubt he has a knack of adding a few jokes to keep the people engaged as well. Whether he is taking a jibe on the opposition or sharing his own life experiences, he never misses an opportunity to be his funny self which is loved and appreciated by the people of the country.

King Charles III
The King © The Independent

“Do you seriously expect me to be the first Prince of Wales in history not to have a mistress?”

The king has a wicked sense of humor and he makes sure to share it with the rest of the world. Whether he cracking jokes in a speech, or while meeting someone, he has a hilarious side, which we can see, he shares with his mother, Queen Elizabeth. It is a fact that the royals are not only known worldwide for their services and reputation but also for their impeccable sense of humor.

Elon Musk 

“Apparently there is this thing called “Dad jokes” and I make them.”

Elon Musk is the richest man on whole earth, a genius entrepreneur and also one of the most funny and hilarious people on Twitter. The CEO of Tesla Motors has a way of hitting the headlines every once in a while and sometimes it just happens because of a single tweet.

“I reinvented electric cars and I’m sending people to Mars on a rocket ship. Did you think I was also going to be a chill, normal dude?”

Elon Musk also appeared on SNL (Saturday Night Live), which is a famous late night live television sketch comedy show and like always killed it by exceeding expectations of the viewers. The guy is the true definition of brilliance who cannot be less than perfect at anything.

Humor is a powerful force that if used for good, can have several key benefits. Getting people to laugh is not easy, but trying to be funny adds a touch of humanity even when your joke falls short. After all trying to be funny or spreading joy around the room creates a positive environment and hurts no one.

A fun environment in the workplace can be achieved in many ways and we’re all about creating a more employee friendly and healthy space. To learn more about how to engage employees and create a more positive and creative atmosphere, you can head on to and connect with our passionate team.