Iconic Punchlines by Indian Stand up Comedians

Iconic Punchlines by Indian Stand up Comedians

We all have a favorite comedian we like to watch for our daily doses of laughter and with that, we also have our favorite punchlines, which have started using in our daily lives, because they have become a part of our lives. These iconic one-liners are very casually used by our stand-up comedians, which end up becoming the meme sensations for years to come and we can’t deny the fact that they hit us hard! 

We at Engage4more have made a list of some of the most iconic and funny punchlines that you just can’t get enough of- 

Zakir Khan – Hmm… Acha… Theek Hai

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You can’t not know Zakir Khan and his iconic one-liners. Everyone knows Zakir Khan one of India’s best stand-up comedians but not many know that he is also a great writer and a poet. Blend the two talents together, and you get the original and unforgettable lines by Zakir Khan. His “Kyuki Badal Important Hai” is another punchline that just hits straight to our core and we can’t help but laugh.

Atul Khatri – One By Two Soup

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If you’re a fan of Atul Khatri, you must know that he always orders his soup 1 x 2 even when eating alone. His amazing punchlines are taken from ordinary everyday situations, and it’s just hilarious. The One By Two Soup is so popular that Atul Khatri has used this line as his social media handle almost on all of his social media accounts. 

Amit Tandon – Produced by Mother, Directed by Wife

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Amit Tandon, who is popularly known as “The Married Guy”, is known for mostly covering his family and his parents in his acts, he likes to share his wisdom about modern-day parenting and being a family guy. So it’s not so hard to guess that his iconic line, “Produced by Mother, Directed by Wife” is the result of his inspirations and experiences. Thanks to his Mother and his Wife, we get to hear this gem!

Aakash Gupta – Excuse Me Brother

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You need to watch Aakash Gupta if you haven’t already. You can’t unhear his oh so iconic line, “Excuse Me Brother”, once you hear it. We bet you will become an instant fan. The guy is known for his jokes about his hometown Delhi and he has a knack to make anyone genuinely laugh just by talking about his life and experiences.

Kanan Gill – There is a Cow, How do you Cross?

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Kanan Gill is another star of the comedy world who likes to take the most mundane scenarios and blend them with his creativity to create laughter in the room. His comedy special where he talks about the driving tests in India is a must-watch if you’re looking for some fun. He has this effortless way of entertaining his audiences and we just can’t get over his jokes. 

Abhishek Upmanyu – Karwali Bezzati / Toh Rehne Do Phir

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There’s no way, you’re on social media and you haven’t come across one of Abhishek Upmanyu’s memes. Most of his punchlines end up becoming hilarious memes and if you’ve seen him performing you’d know why. Almost all of his punchlines, like “Karwali Bezzati, Toh Rehne Do Phir, or Inko Kya Hi Pata Chalega” are iconic and a delight to hear. 

Anubhav Singh Bassi – Buddy… Aapke Father Aaye Hai! / Koi Sense Hai Is Baat ka

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Anubhav Singh Bassi is another sensation who needs no introduction. He’s famous among the youth for his nostalgic content. He has a special connection with the audience which can be seen as soon as he enters the stage. His “Buddy… Aapke Father Aaye Hai!” punchline, which we now use daily in our circles is just the tip of the iceberg. You must watch this guy for some rib-tickling laughter.

Papa CJ – You can’t afford to mess with us Indians. We come from the land of the Kama Sutra. We can f*** you in more ways than you can count.

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It is no understatement to say, Papa CJ is the global face of the Indian stand-up comedy scene. He has been touring the world and doing shows and representing us for quite some time. So no doubt some of the most iconic punchlines will arise out of the icon’s mouth himself, and when he tells the International audience in London, “You can’t afford to mess with us Indians. We come from the land of the Kama Sutra. We can f*** you in more ways than you can count.” we know he’s not joking while joking!

Raju Srivastav – Han Ye Karlo Pehle

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The “Han Ye Karlo Pehle” perhaps win the title of our all-time favorite meme. There’s no way we use this line without picturing the king of comedy: Raju Srivastav. This punchline comes from a time when stand-up comedy was just beginning to take its place in the Indian entertainment setup and it’s still going strong. It shows how some legendary things cannot be changed and kings remain.

Biswa Kalyan Rath – Jyaada Ho Raha Hai

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The “Jyaada Ho Raha Hai” is another punchline that is connected with the famous comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath. A line that almost every Indian uses in every situation in every mood. Biswa is basically a blessing to the Indian comedy scene and there’s no way we can ever get enough of his jokes.

Jagdish Chaturvedi – I was born in Bangalore, Raised in Traffic

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Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi who is a prominent Indian stand-up comedian has a way with his words. He just casually speaks the truth and it sounds hilarious. His punchline “I was born in Bangalore, Raised in Traffic” became so famous that he now uses it as his introduction. And we’ll just say, we’re already the biggest fans of his observational comedy.

These stand-up comedians have all that it takes to conquer the world of comedy just with their skills and their words. The lines they so effortlessly use on the stage are being used in so many forms on social media, in memes, and in our daily conversations. They are in their true form, iconic and phenomenal. 

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