Micro level communication can be achieved using simple techniques, but when you desire consistent and seamless communication across the board, only technology can make the magic happen. We have engineered technology driven platforms for you to enable employee engagement at a macro level. You need to simply sit back and watch the new age media reach out to all your employees in a flash, and help them connect in ways never known before.

Features include
  • Content delivery
  • Chat
  • Live streaming
  • Gamified learning
  • In-built support for services like contests, polls and surveys


Enterprise to Employee
Inform all / target groups instantly. Get feedback with intutive polls and surveys

Live Stream

  • Enterprise to Employee
  • Leverage the power od LIVE.
  • Stream townhalls, training, sessions, AGM and more


Enterprise to Employee
Share one-to-one or one-to-many. In private or public.


Employee to Enterprise
Empower your employee! to ask, contribute, complain, suggest and more!


Enterprise to Employee
Gamified micro-learning. On the go!