Annual days

The big day deserves to create big memories!
  • Innovative themes
  • Engaging pre event activities
  • Pro-like employee performances!

Town halls and R&R

Let’s interact, inspire and align!
  • Themes to inspire
  • New age simulations
  • Motivational speakers


Enthuse pride in past and belief in future
  • Creative story telling
  • Innovative Stake holder engagement
  • Enhance leadership profiling

Off Sites

Away from work for higher purpose
  • Imaginative destination management
  • Innovative simulations to engage
  • Wide range of destinations across the globe

Sports Days

Get fitter together!
  • Inclusive formats
  • Harness the venues network
  • Professional sports management

Talent Hunts

Time to help employees Relive their passion!
  • Inclusive format creation
  • Campaigns to boost participation
  • Selection, Grooming and Judging by industry best!


Engage with the soul of the enterprise
  • Leverage NGO networks
  • Create measurable impact
  • Campaign to drive volunteering