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engage4more provides expert consultancy designed to aid corporate brands in their employee engagement efforts. we accomplish this by employing the more²™ principle, which comprises of the four key pillars of staff engagement. the right balance of these elements ensures a highly engaged workforce. conversely, a dip in any one results in disengagement.

monetary decisions are internal, resting solely on management policies. our expertise produces solutions that yield a sense of ownership, promote rewards & recognition, and bring fun to the workplace.

harness the advantage of the more²™ survey. currently, most surveys indicate if your workforce is engaged or not, but they miss out on the ‘why’. our survey draws on the more²™ principle to isolate the reason(s) for disengagement, providing you with direction on a suitable course of action.

engage4more goes even further! we follow through on our survey results and suggest effective measures. we’ll also be front and center providing execution support.

our consulting services include:

engagement survey based on more²™ principle

engagement calendar audit and development

values audit and cascade

post m&a cultural integration