Corporate Talent Championship

Corporate Talent Championship is one of our initiatives to bring corporates face to face in a healthy and artistically stunning battle. It is a celebration of talent in the field of music and dance, where your employees get to showcase the very best in them.

Brain Bout

Knowledge makes one stand out, whether it is in the field of work, sports, politics or any other area of interest. Brain Bout, an initiative of engage4more, is World’s biggest Inter-Corporate Quiz that gives your employees an opportunity to combat using their knowledge and prove their worth.

Money Symphony

Its time to say goodbye to the boring and biased financial planning sessions. Our new approach towards financial planning draws its inspiration from a symphony, where we get you to actively explore the various compositions of short, mid and long term goals for a harmonious outcome. Money Symphony is the world’s largest financial planning awareness campaign aiming to reach 200+ corporates with its gamified & engaging model.

Corporate Super Chef

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Likewise, our initiative Corporate Super Chef helps you win the hearts of your employees through the appreciation of their culinary skills. It is a fantastic opportunity for your employees to challenge others in the art of cooking, and liven up the workplace with the aroma of great food.